An open letter to PPP Chairman by Munawar Ali

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Dear PPP Chairman,

I do not want to take much time, just wanna plea that please help and save Sindh and People of Sindh who have always voted for PPP and are the backbone of PPP. They are the most under privileged and poor even in the present government. The PPP leaders/reps unfortunately do not care about the common people’s problems in Sindh and are actually digging a hole for the party to come to an end. Sindhies are now at the lowest level of any hope from PPP leaders in Sindh. All development and funding is only being spent on Karachi where Sindhies are not welcome. Though Karachi is Sindh’s capital but we have been banned from schools and universities. There is lot of injustice to Sindhies. We were sure that PPP government would address the grievances of Sindhi people who have suffered dearly for supporting PPP since very begining. I am hopeful that you will look into the matters yourself now.


Munawar Ali

18 thoughts on “An open letter to PPP Chairman by Munawar Ali”

  1. Iam muhammad IMRAN ALI. I am working from ppp greatly. please
    accept my elligebility and progress.then you see my real
    pppre working properly and construction by damage.

  2. hello sir iam workerppp1990 plz resp my mail my i in karachi resplt my mail chairman

  3. At first thankful Present goverenmtn of PPP, FOR reinstating the sacked employees who suffered unrecoverable lose- which can not be recovered, but it is ointment on the wounds of we people, that faced since the termination from the serviece without any reason.

    Sympathy of poor people are ever seen with PPP who leads them for their better livelihood, and ease the pains.

    I would request to the implementation committee to expidite process and ensure our due status accordingly

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