Pakistan Energy Report- Sindh produces 31% more than what it consumes

Pakistan Energy Book 2008 Report
By Mohsin Babar
Please note: Mohsin Babar is an Islamabad based senior journalist, he writes for fortnightly Sindhi Magazine “Affair”, Sindhi Daily “Kawish”, and hosts a TV program from Islamabad for KTN News, a Sindhi News Channel.
Government of Pakistan has announced 7th Petroleum Policy yesterday on April 5th, 2009. New policy binds oil and gas exploratory companies to give maximum 50% of unskilled jobs to people of local districts.
Province-wise Oil per day Production
Total 70145
Sindh 39370 56%
Punjab 17856 26%
NWFP 12847 18%
Province-wise Consumption
Sindh produces 31% more than what it consumes
Punjab produces 30% less than what it consumes
NFWP produces 9% less than what it consumes
Balochistan produces 10% more than what it consumes
Gas Production in country

Total million cubic feet gas production 14, 54,194
Sindh 1033110 71%
Punjab 71,800 05%
NWFP 29,706 02%
Balochistan 3,19,578 22%
Gas consumption
Sindh Produces 33% more than what it produces Punjab produces 47% less than what produces Balochistan produces 15% more than what it produces NWFP produces 1.5% less than what it produces
Under country’s constitutional article 161 provinces get royalty, surcharge and excise duty on Oil and gas resources. Collection from these two is not part of Federal Divisible Pool, federal government after deducting 2.5% collection transfers directly to provinces.
For current fiscal year 2008-09, federal budget estimated Rs 57 amount to be collected for royalty distribution, provinces were to get following share
Sindh Rs 39.4 billion 69%
Balochistan Rs 8.3 14%
Punjab Rs 5 9%
NWFP Rs 4.3 billion 8%

Source: Editorial Page Sindhi Daily Kawish, Monday, April 06, 2009

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