Sindhi uprising

gulaghaby: Prof. Gul Agha, Champaign, Illinois, USA

Shaken by the Sindhi uprising in response to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, agencies seem to have launched a long term strategy of crushing Sindhi activism. And what better time than during the tenure of a Sindhi puppet “government”? They can also discredit this “government” they despise but temporarily tolerate, and then will get rid of it once it is discredited in the eyes of Sindhis, so they don’t have to watch it trying to do Sindhis even a little good.

On the one hand, they are actively working to divide and confuse Sindhis, spreading ridiculous ideas such as Memons are Gujurati, Talpurs were invaders, Agha’s in Sindh are “dhaariyaa” (outsiders), Baloch in Sindh are dhaarrela, etc., and on the other hand, actively trying to discredit, kill or otherwise neutralize Sindhi rights leaders:

sindh_nationalistFour hit men, riding two motorcycles where double-riding is banned, have assassinated the Thatta chief of JSQM, Mr Mushtaq Khaskheli. After that people torched cars in Hyderabad, blocked road traffic and attacked markets that refused to close down in Karachi.

The JSQM leaders were on their way to a part of Karachi to protest the failure of the police to arrest the killers of one of their workers. They were in a procession of ten cars when the front car was subjected to Kalashnikov fire. In return fire from the JSQM security men, one assailant was killed and another captured wounded. The JSQM finance secretary, Mr Waqqas Memon, alleges the two killers were both sub-inspectors and belonged to the agencies. (Daily Times)

It is widely believed that they killed Sarmad Sindhi. But if they had any sense, they would observe and learn from the fact that Sarmad’s voice echos stronger than ever:

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