Stop Harassing Women!! Support Sindhi Women!! Suport Sindhi Women’s Rally!!


Call for Rally to stop harassment of women in public places.

Report by: Amar Sindhu

Women of Qasimabad Reclaiming their Public Space

* Qasimabad is known as mini Sindh. * Qasimabad is reflection of new modern Sindh. * Qasimabad is centre of all nationalist Sindh based parties working in Sindh. * Qasimabad is identified as centre of all well reputed non govt organizations. * Qasimabad is real pride for we all who are living there, because it is considered as new home emerging Sindhi urban middle class. * It is sole urban space which is available to Sindhi women through out sindh.

We all know that Qasimabad is mainly resided by low paid salaried class, where the household is almost carried by women. The large number of women is also contributing in economical as well as social and political activities of the area. The women of Qasimabad luckily exercising public space more freely, then other parts of urban sindh. Since ago they are exercising public space at anytime in without any fear and social restriction. But now situation is going to be worst for women space as it is going to be snatched by some tribal and feudal minded criminals, who are used to harassed women by various ways. It is no safer for any woman who can walk alone or with family on the roads of Qasimabad.

The sad event of attempt of kidnapping of Rehana Channer, well known activist is sign of decay of the social, ethical values of sindhi society as when it happened, the spot was surrounded by large number of peoples but nobody dare to help a woman.

The conscious sindhi peoples men and women must come out and should announce that no more tolerance for harassment of women at public places of qasimabad at anytime. Let’s join us in rally against women harassment in qasimabad.

Time: 8.30 pm, Date 30th July 2009

From: Ali CNG to Nasim Nagar Chowk

(All men and women of Qasimabad requested to join the rally with their families.)

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