Stop Harassing Women!! Support Sindhi Women!! Suport Sindhi Women’s Rally!!


Call for Rally to stop harassment of women in public places.

Report by: Amar Sindhu

Women of Qasimabad Reclaiming their Public Space

* Qasimabad is known as mini Sindh. * Qasimabad is reflection of new modern Sindh. * Qasimabad is centre of all nationalist Sindh based parties working in Sindh. * Qasimabad is identified as centre of all well reputed non govt organizations. * Qasimabad is real pride for we all who are living there, because it is considered as new home emerging Sindhi urban middle class. * It is sole urban space which is available to Sindhi women through out sindh.

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Who is in Pakistan’s establishment?

Establishment (Pakistan)

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Pakistan’s Establishment is a term used commonly by Pakistani analysts for the Military dominant oligarchy in Pakistan. This group of individuals, while not exclusively Military, are considered key decision makers in major policy decisions like Pakistan’s nuclear programme, the defence budget and the use of Intelligence Agencies in Pakistan. The best description of the Establishment has been by Stephen P. Cohen in his book the Idea of Pakistan. Cohen calls this establishment a “moderate oligarchy” and defines it as “an informal political system that [ties] together the senior ranks of the military, the civil service, key members of the judiciary, and other elites.” Membership in this oligarchy, Cohen contends, requires adherence to a common set of beliefs: that India must be countered at every turn; that nuclear weapons have endowed Pakistan with security and status; that the fight for Kashmir is unfinished business from the time of partition; that large-scale social reforms such as land redistribution are unacceptable; that the uneducated and illiterate masses deserve only contempt; that vociferous Muslim nationalism is desirable but true Islamism is not; and that Washington is to be despised but fully taken advantage of. Underlying these “core principles,” one might add, is a willingness to serve power at any cost.

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Sindhi uprising

gulaghaby: Prof. Gul Agha, Champaign, Illinois, USA

Shaken by the Sindhi uprising in response to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, agencies seem to have launched a long term strategy of crushing Sindhi activism. And what better time than during the tenure of a Sindhi puppet “government”? They can also discredit this “government” they despise but temporarily tolerate, and then will get rid of it once it is discredited in the eyes of Sindhis, so they don’t have to watch it trying to do Sindhis even a little good.

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The South Asian youth can become a bridge between North America & South Asia

WASHINGTON DIARY: Bridge-builders

by: Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA

Courtesy:, July 28th, 2009

The South Asian youth can become a very strong bridge between North America and South Asia. But to achieve the status of honest arbitrators they need to stay away from diplomatic missions, religious outfits and professional groups who lobby for the governments in South Asia.

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