Appointments during Dictator’s Regime

By Dr.Ali Akbar M. Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

All the appointments made by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto during her both tenures as the prime minister of Pakistan were done away with by Nawaz Sharif regime and the young highly educated People of Pakistan particularly of Sindh Province were made jobless and un-employed except some people who got the favour of high ups.

The big chunk of those employees belonged to OGDC,Sui Gas,Commercial banks etc. The jobless People suffered a lot mentally, physically and financially and many of them got heart attacks and made suicides. Their families and children got set backs and mental woes and became prey to many diseases like Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B and C and others.The education of their children was discontinued and disturbed but the high ups of the organisations from which these employees were discharged without any reason enjoyed luxuries and lavish living by getting lucrative salaries and other financial packages.In such circumstances, the un-employeed Persons passed their lives miserably and unblessed the rulers and their courtiers who atlast suffered losses and lost their ruling chairs and went for exiles,suffered prisons and high treason and criminal proceedings.

At last the PPP,Government came into power and have ordered for their reinstatement or restoration in their previous jobs through an ordinance of the President of Pakistan.

Now,during Nawaz Sharif and Dictator’s Period,millions of people had been recruited and the question arises to check their recruiments whether they were recruited according to rules and constitutional Quota Prescription.They all may be first of all discharged from their duties and they all should also be recruited again through Review Boards as done in case of employees recruited in Shaheed Benazir’s regime.

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