Shaheed Nazir Abbassi Yaadgaar committee formed

Report by: Jaffar Memon, Chairman, We journalists

Under the brain storming session, organized by “We journalists” organization, the left oriented politicians, intellectuals and the representatives of civil society organizations, are decided to form a committee with the title “shaheed Nazir abbassi yaadgaar committee” the session was held at the head office of daily “Sindh” Hyderabad. All participants was of the view that the death anniversary of our national hero shaheed Nazir abbassi, should celebrate unanimously on august 9,2009 at Hyderabad press club. following committee members were elected during the session. 01) Imdad Chandio, 02) Taj Mari, 03) Imdad Qazi, 04) Ramzan Memon, 05) Punhal saario, 06) Commrade Iqbal, 07) Jaffar Memon, 08) Nissar Laghari, 09) Iqbal Mallah, 10) Mahesh Kumar.

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Appointments during Dictator’s Regime

By Dr.Ali Akbar M. Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

All the appointments made by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto during her both tenures as the prime minister of Pakistan were done away with by Nawaz Sharif regime and the young highly educated People of Pakistan particularly of Sindh Province were made jobless and un-employed except some people who got the favour of high ups.

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Let us recall the words of Mr. Palijo

R.B. Palijo
R.B. Palijo

Azhar Ali Shah, Sindh

“05-07-2001 SANA Convention in Chicago, Illinois, Rasool Bux Palijo urged every educated Sindhi to read more – learn more about world history, freedom struggles, and particularly the military and political strategies. You don’t need every Sindhi to be educated to bring about a change. What you need is smart leaders and smart middle class who can predict and understand each move of adversary and quickly make a counter move and take an offensive move, when appropriate. He added that he was quite hopeful in the ability of Sindhis to withstand all onslaughts and ultimately come out victorious. Let! there be no doubt that these Sindhi Sapoots and followers of Shah Abdul Latif will never give up on their rights. They will not vanish in the history. They will resist and fight until they are victorious. By this time every one in the audience so attentive that other than his words, there was no other sound. Even the Sindhi infants, who never seem to stop crying, seem to have been taken aback by what was happening around them.

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Delegates of Kashmir Peace Conference Offered Friday Prayers at the Capitol Hill

Washington: 27 July 2009: It was making history on Friday when congregational Friday prayers were held in the highest seat of legislation – the Gold Room of the Rayburn Hall of the Capitol Hill (US Parliament) at the prayer break during the two-day 1oth international Kashmir peace conference organized by the Kashmiri American Council/ Washington.