Vitamin C: reduce the risk of Cancer & heart disease

Data from clinical trials over the past several decades reveals that vitamin C may help prevent a variety of health disorders, including immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, eye disease and cancer. Women and men who take a daily multivitamin and vitamin C supplements can significantly improve their fertility, new research indicates. Vitamin C 250mg twice daily along with vitamin E 400 IU act as powerful antioxidant and anti-gaining medicine. Vitamin C and Vitamin B-complex support the adrenal gland support the skin, eyes and bones. Vitamin C also reduces the risk of Cancer & heart disease.

The 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Cuba — How the workers and peasants made the revolution

Courtesy: Links International Journal

Chris Slee, author of Cuba: How the Workers & Peasants Made the Revolution (Resistance Books, 2008), explains how the revolution was made and defended by Cuba’s working people.

July 26, 2009, marks the 56th anniversary of the guerrilla attack on the Moncada military barracks by revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro in 1953, viewed by Cubans as the start of the revolution. 2009 is also the 50th anniversary year of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

Workers, peasants and students played an active role before, during and after the insurrection that destroyed the brutal and corrupt US-backed Fulgencio Batista dictatorship in January 1959. Batista seized power in a coup in March 1952.

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