By Dr Ali Akbar M. Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

A comprehensive and voluminous book of Mr.Mohammad Qaisar chohan titled as above has been published by Seventh Sky publication urdu bazar Lahore in January 2009. In all 82 cases of looters have been covered in detail. Most of them consist of very important and famous cases like corruption of Pervez Musharaf, former prime minister, Shoukat Aziz, FBR, Pakistan Steel Mills,


Dean of Karachi University of Sindh holding 7 posts

KARACHI: Curious case of a dean holding seven KU posts

By Faiza Ilyas

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Saturday, 25 Jul, 2009

KARACHI, July 24: The faculty of arts in Karachi University seems to be facing an acute academic and administrative crisis these days, as the faculty’s dean is currently holding seven posts, including the directorship of two institutes and the chairmanship of three departments, on the grounds that “eligible candidates” are not available, Dawn has learnt.

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Antibiotics kill not only invading bacteria but also healthy flora (friendly and protective bacteria Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium). The composition of the intestinal flora can be disrupted by the use of antibiotics, and chemotherapy. The disease dysbosis also refers to a chronic imbalance in our bowel flora. Antibiotic kills friendly bacteria and then harmful organisms, Candida, E. coli, Staphlococci and Klebsiella fill the vacuum of friendly bacteria in colon. Antibiotics turn the off the action of white blood cells in immune system. Kids given antibiotics during the first 2 years of their life will have increased chances of allergies in their later years of life.

The protective bacteria Lactobacilli of yogurt can keep the acidity of the vagina (the pH higher) and create a antagonistic environment against the AIDS/ HIV virus and decrease the risk of STD infections.

Instead of taking antibiotics, use grapefruit, onion, garlic, ginger and turmeric and vitamin C 500 mg two times to support immune system and keep the antibiotic as life saving drug for future use. Eat yogurt everyday if you are not allergic with milk products.