by Dr Ali Akbar M. Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

After breakup of one unit in 1970, the Sindh Government restored its provincial status and restarted its functions as separate provincial entity having its HQS at karachi like other provinces which took their original positions of the separate provinces in the names of Punjab, NWFP and Balauchistan in the oosted west Pakistan as in the forner East Pakistan, Bangladesh an independent country got emergence. The Government of Sindh Information Department considering the significance of the data and information regarding all the departments of the Sindh Government published a book entiled Sindh Annual covering all the data and figures about all the socio-economic development and progress in the Sindh Province in 1974.

The second Sindh Annual was published by the information Department in 1984 after a period of ten years. The work on the the Third Sindh Annual was started in 2004 in the supervision of the then information secretary Mrs Mahtab Akbar Rashdi. The two learned personalities Mr Anwar Pirzado (late) and Mr Shamsherul Haidri had been assigned to compile this Sindh Annual covering Information and data about all new districts of the province . The whole work was finished within one year by the above mentioned authors and the whole material was edited and handed over to the printing press of Sindh by the then Secretary Information but God knows why not this rare information has been published which shows a high sense of negligence on the part of the concerned department as not to get this most important book published and made public as yet. The need of the hour is that such informative and developmental knowledge should be imparted to the people very regularly annually or biannually. Since 1984, there is no such Publication covering all aspects of economy and other subjects about the Sindh Province as it has now been more significant to know information about all the new and old districts of Sindh Province. The young lady Sindh Information Minister is therefore highly emphasized to first of all find the whereabouts of the manunscript of this book and after getting its copy, order for its publication very soon and take disiplinary action against those delinquent officials who made the publication of this document delayed or put hindrances in the way of getting it published with in the prescribed time schedule and make assure that in the future, such irregularities and apathetic behaviour should bot be tolerated and punished accordingly and this publication should come out on regular basis in time.

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