UNHCR Official Assassination is deplorable

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai, Peshawar

(The writer is a political and Social worker and can be reached on his email, srd.org.pk@gmail.com, musazai1975@gmail.com)

It was shocking to know that terrorists shot an official of UNHCR and his security guard at Kacha Ghari Camp in Peshawar where they had gone to see the condition of IDPs who have migrated from the restive districts of the Pashtunkhwa Province and FATA due to ongoing military operation against militants. Now a day in provincial capital Peshawar the incidents of kidnapping have risen to the extent that any one who is on road will have to feel the warmth of it and no one’s life and property are safe. Abductors can do any thing they want and any one comes under their vicious eyes will have to be taken away by them and then abductees will have to surrender to their conditions which they put before the poor soul.

Such people are sold from one to other and it is said and we hear here that at last abductees will have to find themselves with the high ups of militants whose demands are above one’s understanding. There are also reports that militants active in Peshawar and surrounding areas who are fund starved for the subversive activities are involved in such heinous crimes against Pashtun People whose houses have already been demolished and businesses have come to a halt. Kidnapping, killing and torturing are not new for those who are living in Peshawar but assassination of those guests who are serving our internally displaced persons is really a sorry state of affairs and such activities not only harm us in our own homes but create problems and misunderstanding for us abroad. For the last more than 7 years we have been hearing that military of Pakistan is engaged fighting with militants but this is a complete futile exercise and seems just a friendly fire between two and getting dollars from Americans and Europeans to run the institutions which are fund starved. In such dramas many Pashtun Mashran and influential Political people were assassinated ruthlessly and lost their lives. Whosoever dared to disclose it then he or she will have to find his or her grave because no one can dare to face the wrath of military and militants. It is interesting to note that a victim of terrorism in Swat was asked by a militant as to what he thinks about militants and military.

The poor victim replied that militants are pious people like companions of Prophet of Islam and Military is as innocent as a prophet and I am the real sinner because you both torture me and killing me.

Few months ago Afghan Counselor General and nominated Ambassador of Afghanistan to Islamabad Haji Abdul Khaliq Farahi was abducted on broad day light from Hayat Abad and similarly Iranian Consulat official was kidnapped but till this day their where about is not known. We do not know as to why Afghan and Iranian governments are silent over this. Pashtun are living in worst conditions and all times Damocles sword is hanging on their heads.

Received via email.

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