21st International Sindhi Conference on Sindh, 3rd October 2009, London , UK

London,: World Sindhi Congress ( WSC ) is organising their 20th International Conference titled ‘Sovereignty of Sindh for World Peace ’on Saturday, 3rd October 2009, in London, UK. The conference will be held at Kingsley Hall, Powis Road , London E3 3HJ UK.

In light of the growing radicalization and overt violation of human rights by both the Pakistani military and Taliban, the 21st International Conference on Sindh will explore how a sovereign, democratic and secular Sindh could counteract the spread of Talibanization and military dictatorship in Pakistan and surrounding region. The conference aims to address the following issues:

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UNHCR Official Assassination is deplorable

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai, Peshawar

(The writer is a political and Social worker and can be reached on his email, srd.org.pk@gmail.com, musazai1975@gmail.com)

It was shocking to know that terrorists shot an official of UNHCR and his security guard at Kacha Ghari Camp in Peshawar where they had gone to see the condition of IDPs who have migrated from the restive districts of the Pashtunkhwa Province and FATA due to ongoing military operation against militants. Now a day in provincial capital Peshawar the incidents of kidnapping have risen to the extent that any one who is on road will have to feel the warmth of it and no one’s life and property are safe. Abductors can do any thing they want and any one comes under their vicious eyes will have to be taken away by them and then abductees will have to surrender to their conditions which they put before the poor soul.

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Letter to Indus Asia Online

Employees of Sui Southern Gas Company Limited?

It is due respect that I am a law abiding Sindhi citizen of Pakistan . My ancestors were in thought that after creation of Pakistan their social, political, economical and cultural condition and fate would be changed. They will be honored and get a chance to be sophisticated and virtuous citizen of Pakistan, but their romance is shattered and has been lost in the realm of Punjab empire with sharing Pathans and Mohajars- that troika is omnipotent everywhere.

In 1993 Pakistan Peoples Party government under the Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had appointed 5,000 educated youths of Sindh and Balochistan in Sui Southern Gas Company in accordance with rules and regulations during the period from 1st November 1993 to 30th November 1996, but they were removed from service from November 1, 1996 to December 31, 1998 on purely prejudiced basis in the government of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Sharif). It was clearly action of apartheid to Sindhies.

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