Discuss: Examples of Offensive Messages

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Interior Minister Rehman Malik has warned that offensive emails and SMS against civilian leadership will not be tolerated and violators could be punished up to 14 years in prison under Freedom of Speech Cybercrime Act. Rehman Malik has also informed that a similar campaign has been launched against proscribed organizations spreading propaganda against security forces.

Please discuss what you think could be the examples of offensive messages that should never be shared via Emails, Blogs and SMS, and which could potentially jail you for 14 years.

[14 years jail on just emails, SMS and Blogs, if government official interpret it as offensive. Is it fair that 14 years jail, is the punishment of murder?]

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World Sindhi Congress Raises Sindhi issues at the Liberation AGM

London– World Sindhi Congress, has raised killings of Sindh political workers issue at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Liberation held in London on 4th July. World Sindhi Congress was represented by its Chairman, Dr Haleem Bhatti and Suraiya Makhdoom, the Senior Vice- Chair.

Having consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Liberation is an old organization, fighting for the cause of oppressed people and nations all over the world. Its Chairman is Jeremy Corbyn MP. WSC is an affiliated Organization of Liberation and as such has a seat on its Central Council.

In the AGM of Liberation, the affiliated organisations as well as others presents their individual resolutions on specific issues, which concern them. WSC always presents a resolution on Sindh. This year’s resolution was moved by Suraiya Makhdoom.

The WSC resolution focused upon problems, such as, IDPs, killing of peaceful demonstrators, economy, plunder of natural resources, the plight of Hindus, language and culture…

Sindhi Hindus, the indigenous people of Sindh, have always been under attack. In April 2008, Jagdeesh Kumar 22, A Hindu worker was tortured to death by his co-workers in a leather garment factory in Karachi on false charges of blasphemy. All the culprits were non-Sindhis, who disturb the peaceful Sindhi society

Kashmir – Martyr’s Day memorializes Innocent Victims: Dr. Fai

New York City July 13, 2009. Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center joins the worldwide friends and sympathizers of cause of Kashmir in solemn recognition of July 13th – ‘Martyrs Day’. It fully endorses the call given by the All Parties Hurriyet Conference for a peaceful protest all over the world on July 13th, 2009 to express the support and solidarity with the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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