Asanjhi pyari Sindh

by: Dial and Lachmi Gidwani, USA

Please allow me to briefly accompany you back to the most memorable events over the weekend of July 04, 2009. For me, personally, it was a heart felt pleasure and a great honor to be a guest at the SANA retreat. I have rarely felt myself so welcome. It is sometimes harder than one can imagine, to simply finding the right words in a state of emotional ecstasy. For the first time, my wife and I met Sindhis from Sindh, we could listen and converse in our mother tongue Sindhi and relive our roots – and indeed my very self – after 61 years. I feel that I am backing home after 61 years.

I was rightly asked by some Sindhis present the best question: “Why did you leave us? We are lonely without you.” My honest response: Circumstances changed and conditions prevailed that forced us to leave and no one could stop the exodus. With silent tears we departed peacefully from our motherland in the firm belief that we would return.

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Launch a Sindhi Rights movement or Alliance of Action

by: Khalid Hashmani, Mclean, Virginia, USA

Naseer Memon has written a timely article on the critical need for starting a unified struggle by all Sindhi political parties for the Sindhi Rights. The current situation is quite alarming as neither the Poples’ Party of Pakistan (PPP) nor the Sindhi Nationalist parties are truly and effectively representing Sindhi interests. This need is also being felt by overseas Sindhis. Last week, one of the largest organization of overseas Sindhis, Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) passed a resolution appealing to both PPP and Sindhi nationalist parties to join hands and secure Sindhi rights and protect Sindhi interests. The article says that the following issues are causing a great deal of disappointment and feeling of helplessness among Sindhis:

1. Sindhis in general feel that nothing has changed in the last one and half year. It seems like their treatment by the provincial and central governments is the same as in the days of dictator Musharraf’s regime.

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Report From Turbat, Balochistan

Another Insurgency Gains in Pakistan

Courtesy: The New York Time

TURBAT, Pakistan — Three local political leaders were seized from a small legal office here in April, handcuffed, blindfolded and hustled into a waiting pickup truck in front of their lawyer and neighboring shopkeepers. Their bodies, riddled with bullets and badly decomposed in the scorching heat, were found in a date palm grove five days later.

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