Sindh is not getting it`s due share in spite of various water accords and agreements

The following is the latest’s article by Naseer Memon on the water shortage in Sindh. Here is a summary of article in English.

Written by: Naseer Memon, Hyderabad, Sindh

Translation by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

Courtesy: Sindhi Daily Kawish, July 01, 2009

Article Summary

Sindh is receiving only 40% of its due share from the Indus river. On one hand Sindh is suffering immense loss in the agriculture sector and yet the act of filling Tarbela dam proceeds at the full speed. WAPDA, as the custodian of river waters is playing and arbitrarily decides which province gets how much share.

The river water is forced to rise in Mangla dam for use in Punjab around the same time when Sindh needs water for its fertilization season. The part of the problem is that Sindh has not received its due share in spite of various water accords and agreements. Sadly, it was Peoples Party during whose regime in 1994, Punjab was allowed to retain more water than specified in the 1991 accord. That tradition still continues till today!

In early June, the President and other ministers of the Peoples Party gave frequent statements that water flow in the Tunsa Panjnand will be reduced to releive water shortage in Sindh. However, lately that type of talk has also quieted down.

The bottom line is that the ball is in the Peoples Party’s court. It is time for the party to take some courageous decisions to bring relief to Sindh. These are extraordinary times and require extraordinary and bold actions. A failure at this time will have a serious consequence on the popularity of PPP in Sindh.

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