Drought Situation in Tharparkar District of Sindh Pakistan

By: Gulab Rai, Islamkot –Thar. Sindh

July 18, sindh2009

Severe drought has occurred in the Thar desert of Sindh Arid Zone. Failure of monsoon observed in all the talukas of district Tharparkar of Sindh reeling under drought during this year (up to September 12, 2008), only 58.1 mm of rain has fallen in 75% area of Thar desert This is only 20% of the normal rainfall, which is 300 mm. However, it is too little and too late for many crops in the area and it resulted in severe shortage of food, fodder and water.

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In Ancient Sindh the urine was used as medicine!

In ancient Sindh or Indus Civilization, the urine of a young child or a young cow was important medicine.  Ancestors used it as antiseptic mouth wash or to whiten their teeth, sterilize their wounds and had drunk it with the hope that it will cure their ailments. It may not be our cup of morning tea but many well known leaders called it “urine cure“. Gandhi Ji, the leader of Indian congress and Muraji de sai, the former Prime Minister of India were using it for the practice called Urophagia.

Malay court hearing ‘Allah’ case

Courtesy: BBC

A Catholic church in Malaysia which prays to Allah has prompted a court case over who can use the word. Muslim leaders say Islam should be the only faith to use it, saying its use in other faiths could lead to confusion and conversions. – Robin Brant reports from Kuala Lumpur.

Source- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8065597.stm

Christian Raped and Murdered

Pakistan Christian Raped and Murdered

Written by Brenda Easterling, on 17-06-2009 07:39

Courtesy: cwNEWZ.com

Murdered and raped in Pakistan was a young man who refused to convert to Islam. What are the police doing? Nothing according to the victims brother and minister. The body of Tariq “Litto” Mashi Ghauri was found according to Pakistani police lying dead in a canal outside of a rural village in Punjab Province May 15th. Ghauri, a 28 year old university student in Sargodha, Pakistan had been raped and stabbed at least five times. Ghauri 24 year old brother Salman Nabil Ghauri, said, “They have tortured him very badly, and after that they have stabbed him five times with a knife and killed him.”

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Sindh Budget: Questions and Concerns

sindhassembyProvincial budget 2009-2010

By Ahmad Mushtaque, Sindh

Note: Write up was written two weeks before the budget was announced on June 15.

The elected government of Pakistan Peoples Party is going to present its second budget for fiscal year 2009-10 in a week or so time, provincial budgets are not authorized to make economic policies for taxation and monitory policies are centralized in Pakistan. For over 85% financial resources, provinces depend on federal transfers, shares from divisible pool and grants. This fiscal structure in spirit is negation of federal system of governance. Provinces are been turned into post offices to distribute salaries and transfer funds to local governments. Successive military governments have rendered provinces irrelevant in making development planning and building capacity to generate resources.

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Balochistan- Separate Ways

Separate Ways

The separatist movement in Balochistan dates back to the beginning of Pakistan itself.

By Yasir Babbar, Islamabad

Courtesy: Newsline

The separatist movement in Balochistan has gained momentum, and relations between the province and the centre are at an all-time low. Just two months back, three Baloch nationalist leaders, Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, president of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), Lala Munir Baloch, member of the BNM’s central committee, and Sher Muhammad Baloch, joint secretary of the Balochistan Republican Party (BRP), were killed. Their killings prompted another bout of violence in Balochistan and have further strengthened support for separatists. The Baloch believe that state agencies are responsible for the killings, while the government has claimed that non-state elements who want to destabilise the country are responsible. There are also reports that separatists are threatening schools and colleges that hoist the Pakistani flag and sing the national anthem.

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Sindh National Consultative Conference

National Consultative Conference of Sindhi People – Hosted by Awami Tahreek, in Hyderabad

Joint Declaration

We the political activists, intellectuals, writers, women activists, civil society members, farmers, teachers, media, representatives of the different professional organizations and the people of Sindh unanimously declare that Sindh has been thrown at the mercy of urban terrorists, cruel feudal and myopic establishment of Pakistan. Cities of Sindh are being treated as conquered territory, rural areas have been converted into feudal fiefdoms and natural resources of Sindh are being exploited as colonial subject. Sindhis have been deprived of their right to rule and reduced into no entity while taking decision on matters pertaining to the province. Though state institutions do exist but they serve the interests of establishment, feudal, terrorists, anti Sindh forces and the Punjab dominated federation of Pakistan.

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More of the same

WASHINGTON DIARY: More of the same

by Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA

Courtesy: Wichaar.com, June 16th, 2009

Even if the civil war is taken care of and political stability is achieved, the economic disaster will be far from over. The spike in oil prices during the last three months indicates that world markets are still being manipulated by speculators. Similar economic irrationality is prevalent in Pakistan where political and economic conditions do not support the going real restate prices or the rise of the stock market.

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To: The Honorable Chief Justice, High Court of Sindh, Karachi .

Its is respectfully submitted that the applicant being the law abiding citizen of Pakistan & local resident of the above locality brought the pre information for restraining the unknown builders from there malafide & ulterior motives as under.


People of Sindh

A Seminar on ‘People of Sindh’ in Manchester, UK

London World Sindhi Congress is arranging a seminar hosting eminent writer, journalist, historian and scholar Ms Alice Albania, on Saturday 20th June 2009 from 13.00 – 16.00 pm at Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, City Centre, Manchester, M2 5NS, UK.

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Brutal murder of 4 Sindhi’s during protests against Taliban’s migration towards Sindh

Protest against Killing of Political Workers

Courtesy: The News, Karachi

HYDERABAD : The Joint Action Committee for Peoples Rights staged a demonstration against the killing of political activists in Karachi and Jamshoro. Representatives of civil society organisations, besides political and nationalist parties, joined the protest outside the Hyderabad Press Club.

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Sindh: Demands, Resolutions and Decisions of Central General Council Session

sindhSindh – Hyderabad: June 14, 2009

A meeting of Awami Tahreek’s Central General Council’s session has condemned budget for year 2009-10 for allocating funds for the construction of controversial Greater Thal Canal which was unanimously rejected by Sindh Assembly, years back during Gen. Musharraf’s era. General Council Session termed budget without new NFC award unconstitutional and resource-distribution on sole criterion of population not acceptable to people of Sindh. Session added that “this Pakistan’s budget for year 2009-10, announced by PPP led coalition government, is another fraud with people of Sindh and a continuity of loot and plunder of Sindh since last 60 years.

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Why Sindh’s share in Oil & Gas royalty reduced?

questby: Ahmed Mushtaq

Sindh to suffer Rs. 7.78 billion losses over royalty transfers in new Budget

Mohison Babar, Islamabad based journalist, in his latest article in Sindhi Daily “Kawish” has disclosed that Sindh’s share from Gas and Oil royalty is being reduced since a year. In new fiscal year 2009-10 further slash is estimated in the budget documents of the federal government.

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Pakistan Corruption Reporter blog launched

– Iqbal Tareen, USA

As part of global fight against corruption and power abuse the “Pakistan Corruption Reporter” blog has been launched. This Blog is dedicated to transparency in public and private governance including executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government and political, media, civil society, and faith based organizations in Pakistan. Please feel free to report any incident of corruption and/or abuse of power to be published in this blog. Each person remains accountable for the content of his or her posting.

Pakistan Corruption Reporter, click here

Visit: http://corruption-reporter.blogspot.com/

Vital Vitamins

Vitamin A: Normal vision, health skin, tissue repair and growth, Vitamin B1: Help digestive system work properly, help muscles and Nerves and normal function of heart. Vitamin B2: Healthy immune system & skin, engergy production, Vitamin B3: helps lower the colestrol and clean the artries, Vitamin B6: helps blood cell production, growth and maintain weight, Vitain B12: helps in formation of red boold cells, vitamin E: helps tp protect cell memberances and nerves, Vitamin C: helps wound healing, disease resistance, bone and teeth formation.

Killing of Sindhi Political Activists

11 June 2009, Press Release- London:

World Sindhi Congress strongly condemns the killing of three workers of Sindh Tarqi Pasand Party in police firing and injuring scores. Just three days ago Akhtar Hussain Shah of Sindh United Party was killed by police and dozens more were injured… WSC offers its sincere condolences to the family and friends of those murdered in police firing. WSC reiterated that issue of murder of Sindhi political activists is being raised at the current UN Human Rights Commission session in Geneva .

If Quebecers can get success in Canada then why can’t Sindhis get success for their rights

Khalid Hashmani
Khalid Hashmani

By Khalid Hashmani, USA

The first steps that Quebecers took to preserve their language and culture. Before the famous Signs language law was proposed by Parti Québécois and enacted by the Quebec National Assembly in 1977, Quebecers urged/pressured business and non-governmental organizations to increase the use of French in their signs and organizational literature.

After achieving a measurable success with their own organizations, Quebecers eventually succeeded in electing a government that gave legal protection to their language. In spite of great pressures of over whelming domination of English-speaking North Americans (Quebecers are only 6.3 millions in a population of about 350 millions) , they have succeeded in preserving their language and culture.

Point to Ponder

ppprotestGeorge Orwell: High sentiments always win in the end. Leaders who offer blood, toil, tears and sweat always get more out of their followers then those who offer safety and a good time. When it comes to the pinch, human beings are heroic. – from collected Essays, Journalism and letter


John W. Gardner: An excellent plumber is infinitely more admirable than an incompetent philosopher. The society that scorn excellence is plumbing because plumbing is humble activity, and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because philosophy is an exalted activity, will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes not its theories will hold water.

June 10 Black Day: PPP blackens its face by Killing Three political activists

Karachi, Sindh, June 10, 2009

Pakistan’s democratic government, in province of Sindh, interior ministry ordered police on June 9 ‘not to allow political demonstrators to stage a planed Sit-In in front of Chief Minister House, Karachi.

June 10, day came, when hundreds of people started to gather at Fohara Chowk, on Abdullah Haroon Road, Near Karachi Press Club, their other colleagues were stopped, baton-charged and tear gassed by police in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, an entry point to City of Karachi and others were stopped at Hyderabad bypass, but one procession coming from Gulshan-e-Maamar, Karachi, located on northern bypass, was fired by Police, killing three activists of Sindh Tarraqi Pasand Party (Sindh Progressive Party).

Some television channels tried to black out the news, some resorted to distorting the story saying “an encounter has taken police on northern bypass, 3 people were killed”, others quoted Edhi sources saying “they have found three dead bodies”. This is free journalism in our country. Not a single newspaper or television channel bothered to send their reporter to find out what exactly has happened. The Drama continued for four hours. Meanwhile Dr. Qadir Magsi, Chairman of STP talked to TV channels disclosing the killing of his party’s three workers. Only two Sindh TV channels Sindh TV News and KTN News aired it, however KTN still continued to report “three killed: STP claims”, the claim was not verified by their reporters.

Meanwhile rumour spread across the province that STP Chief Dr. Magsi has been killed, interior of the province went shutting down shops and businesses. Panic and confusion marked the June 10, and our provincial government, with army of ministers, remain unconcerned and aloof as what was developing, allowed chaos to rule the province, police kept denying killing of activists, Angry Karachi Police Chief told reporters on phone “He is not aware of the killings, but we have orders to stopped the protesters from staging Sit-In in front of Chief Minister House”.

Country national high way that links two ports of Karachi with rest of the country remained locked for 6 hours, but no government spoke person came and spoke on the tragic events of the day. Where was government, did government exist in city and rest of the province?

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Jemima has rightly summed up the contradictions and confusions of Pakistani society

ikby: Umer Rashid

“As we’re jostled along towards the check-in area, I think about Pakistani society. It is an endless contradiction” hostile and hospitable, euphemistic and unambiguous, spiritual and prescriptive, aggressor and victim. Nothing sums up its topsy-turvy nature quite like the Heera Mandi in Lahore, one of the most conservative cities, where the prostitutes wear burqas and girls with honour dress like Wags.”

So she was in only 20 when she tied the knot with IK. Probably too young to realize the cultural and social gap between the two worlds. Someone said that young couples usually get divorced because they marry on two false assumptions:

1) She thinks he will change but he does not. 2) He thinks she will never change but she does. May be in this arrangement, both changed!

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What do people in Buner think about ongoing war?

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai

About 3 million people from restive Swat, Buner and Dir migrated to comparatively safer areas of Mardan, Swabi, Nowshera, Charsadda, Peshawar and some others in down Pakistan , a small number where these IDPs were restricted to settle or encamp. In other three provinces of Pakistan some political parties and individuals opposed the entry of IDPs from Pashtun areas.

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Washington Diary: An ideological blind (Daily Times)

manzoorejzby: Dr. Manzur Ejaz, USA

Courtesy: Wichaar.com, June 9th, 2009

…Such an ideological blind is not US specifics. Most countries like Pakistan are even worse when it comes to distribution of wealth and social services. Despite being the worst case in the capitalist world—Canada, Europeans and Japan have a much better system of social services—the US still has several programs to safeguard the poor in extreme distress. But, Pakistan and most other developing nations, including India, favor rich at the expense of the poor. The ruling elites in these countries perpetuate the ideological blind in various ways. As a matter of fact, the religious extremism has helped the ruling elites in this regard.

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Sindh Nationalists block highway near Sindh-Punjab border

sindh_nationalistNationalists block highway near Sindh-Punjab border

Courtesy: daily dawn, Monday, 08 Jun, 2009

SUKKUR: Hundreds of workers of nationalist parties held a demonstration and a sit-in on the National Highway at Kamoon Shaheed on the Sindh-Punjab border near Ubauro on Sunday in protest against large-scale influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs) into Sindh.

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