Shahryar and Scherzadi

A Persian King, Shahryar, who rules the country, an island, between India and China, discovers that his wife and her lover are plotting to kill him- his wife is not just faithless, she is also guilty of treason, he executed her and her lover, and thereafter believes faithlessness of women. Shahryar instructs his Vazir-e-Azam to find him a new wife every day. After spending the night with the wife, he executed her. This practice continues until the Vazir-e-Azam’s beautiful but genious daughter Scheherzadi devises a scheme to outwit the king and, in doing so, stop the killings. She herself offers to become Shahryar’s next wife, and is accepted. Every night, in their marriage chambers, Scheherzadi tell shahryar stories, but she is careful to stop at dawn before ending the story- and she stops with a cliffhanger- the king spares her life so the following night he can hear the rest of the story. Having finished one story halfway through the evening she starts another- until many years have passed, she has given birth of three sons of Shahryar. Then she convinced Shahryar him that she loves him, he revokes his decree, at her request pardons her.