WSC Raises the issue of Killing of Sindhi Activists at the UN Human Rights Council

World Sindhi Congress Raises the IDPs and Killing of Sindhi Activists at the 11TH Session of the Human Rights Council

London: Press release- World Sindhi Congress, a leading Sindhi organisation working for the cause of human rights Of Sindh and Sindhis, has raised the issue of IDPs and killings of Sindh political workers at 11th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva , scheduled from 2-18 June 2009.

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Sindh: A land of Tolerance

By Manzoor Chandio, Sindh

Why should we take sides and condemn atrocities wherever they are being committed, with a conviction that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”?

Decades ago, during civil rights movement, Dr Martin Luther King took this stand against racial discrimination in the United States. It would be no exaggeration to say that the same is also the collective wisdom of people of Sindh in southern Pakistan.

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The new epicenter of global instability

Sindh – The new epicenter of global instability

By Dilshad Bhutto (Senior)

Sindh has always been a fertile and rich country. For thousands of years, it had maintained trade links with other countries, some of them in far-flung regions of the world. Historians have found evidence that ships carrying merchandise from Sindh regularly called at the ports of Egypt, Java, China and Sri Lanka. From these countries, goods such as gold and silver ornaments and precious stones found their way to the royal Sindhi courts and temples. Sindh’s government treasuries had always been replete with gems and all types of treasure. In spite of their affluence, Sindhis always avoided to maintain large armies and to conquer the neighboring lands. On the contrary, invaders from outside gravitated to the riches of Sindh attacked the country a number of times and acquired so much wealth by loot and plunder that they dreamed of using that wealth to conquer other countries and extend their sway over the world. This is why all the intruders that have ruled India at times attempted to extend their jurisdiction over Sindh too.

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A Sindhi travelogue of India – Delhi Darshan

The book titled, Delhi Darshan, written by Zulfiqar Halepoto, has been published. This book is a travelogue of India. The book is published by Pakistan’s leading publishing center, FICTION HOUSE. Forward of the book is written by, renowned historian and intellectual, Ahmed Saleem. This is more about political discourse and it discussed Sindh’s decade’s old role in promoting peace, tolerance and secular values to make this region a diverse and peaceful region. It discussed the pains of partition of sub-continent, soreness of migration, crisis of ethnic identity and language, introduction of politics of violence and racism in Sindh, influx towards Sindh and disturbances in Sindh’s socio-economic and cultural landscapes,

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Apples protect heart

Apple protect the heart by it’s flavonoids, antioxidant compunds that portect us from the damage of “bad” LDL cholesterol. The flavonoid which is present in large amount in apples called quercetin. Quercetin seems to be a major  antioxidant which protect the heart if we eat apple with it’s skin.