Tall promises in Sindh Budget 2009-10

Syed Qaim Ali Shah
Syed Qaim Ali Shah

PPP’s Agenda for ChangeTall promises in Sindh Budget 2009-10

Notes by: Ahmad Mushtaque, Karachi, Sindh. June 19, 2009

Development Plans of PPP Government in Sindh in Rs 327 billion estimated budget.

Following are some of the attractive wish list mentioned in Budget speech of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah in his budget speech. The provincial PPP government presented second budget on June 10, 2009. We will see when the year ends, how much is implemented.

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Drought Situation in Tharparkar District of Sindh Pakistan

By: Gulab Rai, Islamkot –Thar. Sindh

July 18, sindh2009

Severe drought has occurred in the Thar desert of Sindh Arid Zone. Failure of monsoon observed in all the talukas of district Tharparkar of Sindh reeling under drought during this year (up to September 12, 2008), only 58.1 mm of rain has fallen in 75% area of Thar desert This is only 20% of the normal rainfall, which is 300 mm. However, it is too little and too late for many crops in the area and it resulted in severe shortage of food, fodder and water.

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In Ancient Sindh the urine was used as medicine!

In ancient Sindh or Indus Civilization, the urine of a young child or a young cow was important medicine.  Ancestors used it as antiseptic mouth wash or to whiten their teeth, sterilize their wounds and had drunk it with the hope that it will cure their ailments. It may not be our cup of morning tea but many well known leaders called it “urine cure“. Gandhi Ji, the leader of Indian congress and Muraji de sai, the former Prime Minister of India were using it for the practice called Urophagia.