Land Mafia in District Badin, Sindh

In Sindh province of Pakistan there is no record for human habitations like as in Punjab . In Punjab mass migration from western Punjab was managed by the British government and villages were formed for migrants which were called canal colony villages.

In Sindh there were some settled settlements near drinking water sources like well, flood canals and Persian wells. In Badin district there was a village in northern fringes of city centre adjacent to cantonment area. This village was called Saleh Qazi Goth. During war 1965 the habitants of the village Saleh Qazi were evicted by the Pakistan army. There were different marginalised caste group like Shedi and Mallah were forced to leave that village. A large number of evicted houses were settled on the land strip of the embankment Bhada of Qazia Wah and some went in other remote areas. The land of village was under possession of Pakistan Army until last military government. Incidentally the Pakistan Army had vacated the area of the village. The land grabbers of the developing city Badin were alarmed and they had started to play different tricks to occupy land (13 acres). Some homeless people those who were known about the history of their displacement they had started to build shacks on that land. The experienced land grabbers had used their goons and police to evict them. The huts and shacks of people were demolished and the goons along with district police opened fires on poor and marginalised peoples. At this time the land of village was under control of well known land mafia veiled as the leaders of Ahal-Hadees.

It is matter great hope that the compliant cell in the Chief Minister house had taken action on an application of poor displaced peoples. The district administration of District Badin was asked to look into the matter. The official of revenue department had scrutinized the issue and reported in favour of 1965 war displaced people. It is not surprising that the compliant cell in the Chief Minister house took immediate action on an application because Pakistan Peoples Party’s manifesto is all about empowerment of poor and marginalised by providing them Roti, Kapra and MAKAN. It is also not surprising that local politicians and police is supporting highhanded land grabbers because the grabbers are well known rich real estate business groups and they are covered in Burqa of Ahal-Hadees (assumed to be supporters of Taliban and Jihadis).


We poor homeless people of marginalised castes appeal the democratic government, print and electronic media, non-governmental organizations, regional and national politicians, and liberal people of Sindh should come with us and to be our voice. Please help us as we may be resettled in our old village Saleh Qazi. We want to rename our village as Shaheed Rani Model Village .

Please contact leader of all displaced groups, he is uneducated but we salute him because he dared to raise voice against rich and well connected Land Mafia of District Badin. His life is under threat.

Contact Person: Abdul Rehaman Mallah: Contact Number: 03433272883

2 thoughts on “Land Mafia in District Badin, Sindh”

  1. badin distric jy under army khy jayki zamin allote thi aahy unkhy badin or ,MFRO, g, kadiyal land mafia garib Retd,Army waran g zaminan ty milly bhagat karay zabardasti qabza kan piya hin g taza misal munhjy DADY SUB. A.REHMAN. g ZAMIN TY BHI Land Mafia or MFRO, WARA qabzy g koshis main aahan. hanlanky aasan jo Badin main court main case halander aahy or astyorder aasan watt aahy. hi zamin Kaddhan, main deh.mor, main aahy. tamam Govt,jy kamoran khy jan hojy. jin main colonel sahib.MFRO,HYDERABAD. khy arz aahy k aawan aasan san nazaizzi na kayoo. assan supreem court tain bhi wanjo paio to wendanseen. thanks . SHAHID KHANZADA. CELL.NO.03002976761.District.President human right pakistan international.Nawabshah.

  2. Badin is best city of pakistan, there are many mills, industies.

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