Disturbing news for Sindh

Controversial dams, drainage schemes and canals in Budget 2009-10

by Zulfiqar Halepoto, Secretary, SDF

It is very disappointing to note that all anti-Sindh water sector development projects including controversial dams, drainage schemes and canals are included in the coming Federal Budget 2009-10 under PPP regimn, who claimed to be the champion of just and right case of the lower riparian Sindh on water.

The present day leadership of PPP and its big stalwarts were part of the mass movement of the people of Sindh against immoral, illegal and unconstitutional projects of dictator Musharraf.

PPP promised in its election manifesto and CoD that any project or scheme, which people feel are against their interest, will not be constructed but today same party is going to announce all controversial schemes.

Let us see what is going to be announced in the coming budget 2009-10

As far as SDF’s study of the current available papers of the draft budget proposal is concerned we have seen following projects in the budgetary documents.

Preparation of budget for 2009 10 are almost completed. The draft document shows that the government is going to allocate Rs 34.429 billion for water sector. In the budgetary preparation process, the government is likely to announce controversial Akhori and four more Dams on river Indus.

In the development budget of water sector, major allocations have been made for construction of big dams, canals, drainage and reclamation projects, general investigation schemes, and federally funded provincial projects of four provinces with Rs 34.429 billion allocation.

Controversial Canals:

Allocation for four main canals in the development budget for water sector is Rs 6.720 billion. Namely these projects are controversial Greater Thal Canal, Kachhi Canal Project, Rainee Canal Project and Chashma right Bank Canal additional works.

Controversial dams:

The federal government allocated Rs 12.465 billion for nine major dams namely, Raising of Mangla Dam, Mirani Dam, RAP-Mirani Dam Project, Sabakzai Dam, Satpara Multipurpose Dam, Gomal Zam Dam, Feasiblities Studies of Dams (Naulong and Hingol), Akhori Dam Detailed Engineering design, and Nalgaj Dam Dadu Sindh detailed design.

Controversial drainage projects:

Federally funded provincial projects consist of 11 projects, for which the government has allocated Rs 5.045 billion in the PSDP 2009-10.. These projects are Revamping/Rehabilitation of Irrigation and Drainage System of Sindh, Extension of Right Bank Outfall Drain from Sehwan to Sea (ROBD-II).

Details will be shared soon with you all after reading the entire budget documents.

2 thoughts on “Disturbing news for Sindh”

  1. Kalabagh Dam Would Have Benefited Sindh The Greatest.It Is Unfotunate That The People of Sindh Have Beeen Misled On The Issue By Pro India Anti Pakistan and Anti Sindh Politicians Who Have Sold Their Souls For A Few Pennies

  2. I have red the article which almost made me surprise that we never let our own peoples to work for any good cause, just because it becomes or nature / habit to protest, protest, and protest without knowing actual facts or by denying the same.

    Let me clear one thing more that i’m not the part of present government neither belongs to any Party exist in Pakistan, but yes i’m a good observer like you around, I have studied your points and find out that most of them based on factitious which had not comes up the same meaning for what purpose it was being announced, I still believes semi dams will meets the all requirement of our water issue lying for our sindh province, this will also help us out by suspending the all controversial issues over the construction of mega dams like Kala bagh and others, so please for God sake hope for the best don’t criticize your own selected peoples, let give them a chance to work for their best, now they will find no place to hide except Pakistan, we will make them accountable and bring them to justice if for God bidden your assumptions become true.


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