By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

It has been the pride of hte people of Pakistan particularly farming community to take easy and timely loan for cultivation every year from the only the big source of Agricultural financing from the ADBP now the ZTBL which has been the big elephant for the Punjab people as the head office is located in Islamabad with full strength of staff and officers of the high rank belonging to the Punjab.

No Executive Director and Director belong to the other provinces particularly SIndh province. Even the direct recruitment without the advertisement, presently the officers on the highest rank and designation on higher salaries and fringe benefits have been recruited from the Punjab .The injustice done to the existing group of officers waiting for their due promotions have been neglected and ignored and feeling frustration and depression in their minds as the source of further alevation and better living is linked with their promotions in their existing ranks. Once in the supreme court of Pakistan during the session, a justice remarked that the promotion is the last hope for the Governmet employees and they live and work in the hope of their further alevation so every Government organization should try to retire their empolyees with necessary and due respect and regards with their due promotions.But not in the ZTBL, in other banks and organizations, no seniority is counted and people of their own choice and wish is taken on very high salaries and benefits on contract basis.It has been observed that such peolpe of contract basis always remain in chance to get higher benefits from other organizations and leave their origional organizations in lurch. With the result that they take away files of the organization which deprived the origional and working class with honesty and hardworking in the hope of their future progress and prosperity.The ZTBL sanctioned the write off Rupees Billions to the influential and big landlords the Punjab province during the year 2007 .The big list of such borrowers belonging to punjab who have been granted write off Billion Rupees , is attached in the annual report of ZTBL for the above mentioned year .Is there any organization to take this matter and streamline the Governance of ZTBL and other banks and organizations.

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