PTV – Not a single Sindhi artist was given a representation in the Capital of Sindh

by Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX, USA

..Recently, Pakistan Television (PTV) had its 14th awards ceremony in Sindh capital, Karachi. Munnoo Bhai, a Punjabi liberal columnist, had to write a column in Jang, protesting why when Punjabi, Baluchi, and Pushtoon culture and music were given ample representation, not a single Sindhi artist was given a chance in the whole program. Needless to remind that all the top posts in PTV are held by the current government’s nominees. List is long. In Sindhi they say: Meeran khe ghar maan laggee. In urdu: iss ghar ko aag lag gaee ghar ke charagh se. PPP was long considered last hope for Sindhis in Pakistan framework. Does this mean that we need to start looking somewhere else now?

Sindhis are standing at the verge of a deep hole

by Aijaz Sindhi

While Sindh has never been in easy situation during past 60 years, the current phase seems to be a defining moment for the Sindh, and Sindhis. She is in a terrible dilemma. In the absence of a unified national policy or strategy, the nationalist leadership is also in a quandary. They have to make the most difficult decisions of their life time. If they protest against the influx of population from Swat and Malakand, they are labeled as playing in the hands of MQM. If they stand still, and do nothing, they are causing the Sindhis to turn into a minority…

Sindhis are standing at the verge of a deep hole. We must come down from our ego driven positions, and start thinking about a long term and a short term objective strategy to get the Sindh out of the current situation.

What is our immediate objective, and how do we set our long term goals? One thing is for sure, and Sindhis must get this in their thought process, that is – Baloch Sardars have never, and do not seem to stand by Sindhis in the hour of their needs. Sindhis must address the problem of MQM, and ANP in the perspective of self interest. We must not be enslaved to our ego driven ideology. It is high time that we put the Sindh ahead of everything else.

In a world, where Jews and Palestinians have come to terms, and are willing to sit on the table, we need to and leave the options open to talk to our political adversaries as well. However, these talks must be qualified. We need to make an objective comparison between MQM and ANP in the greater interest of the Sindh, Pakistan and South Asia.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups.

May 30, 2009



By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

It has been the pride of hte people of Pakistan particularly farming community to take easy and timely loan for cultivation every year from the only the big source of Agricultural financing from the ADBP now the ZTBL which has been the big elephant for the Punjab people as the head office is located in Islamabad with full strength of staff and officers of the high rank belonging to the Punjab.

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Zindagi Hik Natak … Saga of Sindhi Actor

Zindagi Hik NatakSaga of Sindhi Actor

The film uncovers theater Actor’s real life situation where his (Rajan) passion of acting and recognition from people makes him irresponsible towards his family duties. He chooses to continue acting at the cost of his family which is later realized when his wife (Geeta) leaves him alone. He becomes lethargic and realizes his mistakes which leads him to no mans land. But because of his versatile impression he has left over people and his community, he gets support and Geeta joins him back in this family oriented film. A must watch for all Sindhi Families.

Releasing in Theatres June 2009, Zindagi Hik Natak (زندگي هڪ ناٽڪ).. Saga of Sindhi Actor

Produced and Directed by Gopal Raghani, Writer: P B Chand, Music Virbhan, Cast – Suniel Jateily, Mayuri Raghani, Jeetu Vazirani, Seema Motwani, Sangeeta Lalla, Neeru Asrani Kapil Asrani

Here is the link of Sindhi Film Zindagi Hik Natak زندگي هڪ ناٽڪ Film Promo.

Kamal Raghani, Raghani Studio’s

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Life-time Achievement award for Comrade Jam Saqi

Report by Saifullah Shaikh

Daily Sindhi Newspapers have reported that Pir Mazhar of PPP is going to reward Comrade Jam Saqi Life-time Achievement award DUE TO HIS LONG-TERM CLASS STRUGGLE for the people of Pakistan.This ceremony will be held in his native town in Thar. In addition two local schools will be renamed in the honour of his first wife and his father.