by Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

Due to long political disorder in the country, social and economic disorder prevails in every government department.This has brought misfortunes and mishaps for the whole of Pakistan. Even the elected government has been in perplexion to handle all the affairs of the country in easy and relaxed manner.The country is facing terrorism and infidelity of all evils and crimes from the side of terrorists and enemies of the country. People feel insecurity and turmoil in economic and social fields.At one side high prices have put the people in difficult days to make their both ends meet and on the other hand,people are being harassed and looted by dacoits,thieves and criminals.It is also being observer in Sindh that no department of the government in the districts are working without taking bribes and corruption.It is because of the reported mismanagement in the affairs of running the government under rules and regulations.

All the ministers and their courtiers try to get their own people posted not in accordance with their experiance and qualifications.Mostly teachers and lacturers working in education department have been posted in local goverment offices in various posts and designations while the original people working and posted in local goverment offices have been made idle and without any posting for long times without salaries and facilities with the result that their families are facing financial hardships and difficulties so much so that they are prepared to make suicides because of the injustice done to their relatives who are the only solace for their livelihood.The Chief Secretary of Sindh is therefore requested to kindly inquire this fact and take disciplinary action against the delinquent officers of various department and streamline the whole system of good governance particularly in Sindh.

The Fall of the Indus Empire

Aryan Invasion and Fall of the Indus Empire

Nomadic Aryans invaded India ca. 1500 BC destroying the Indus valley civilization and exterminating the Indus inhabitants. Thus ended the most brilliant civilization of the ancient world. Subsequent to this invasion, India was plunged into 2000 years of the Vedic Dark Ages. When cities were built again, it was under Scytho-Greek influence. The ziggurat of the Indus disappeared forever.

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Analysis: Why attack Lahore?

questBy Syed Shoaib Hasan

Courtesy: BBC News, Islamabad

Lahore – Pakistan’s cultural capital – has faced its share of militant attacks, but it has not had to put up with the kind of sustained campaign it now appears to be facing.

Wednesday’s suicide bombing of the police emergency response headquarters on a heavily guarded section of Lahore’s Mall road underlines the fact that the cultural heart of Pakistan is a city under siege. It is a clear statement from the militants seen to be under siege in Swat and elsewhere – they are alive and can strike back.

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Sindhis are expressing concerns over mass migration to Sindh but are not against any particular ethnic group

Khalid Hashmani
Khalid Hashmani

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

The developments after 1947 partition have put Sindhis in such a precarious situation that with each change, we further get squeezed between the expanding rick and the hard place!

One thing does appear clear that MQM is definitely manipulating the situation to put Pakhtuns and Sindhis into a direct conflict. Any serious conflict between Sindhis and Pashtuns would only benefit MQM and yet we must express concerns on any mass migration from any other country or province. Failure to do so would mean that we are OK with a situation where we loose out the population advantage in our own province. The prudent way would be to make it clear that our concern against any mass migrations to Sindh are not against any particular ethnic group but rather we are against a situation that dilutes our majority.