MQM is trying to shift a Muhajir-Pashtoon wedge to Sindhis

by Iqbal Tareen, Washington

Let me join Khalid Hashmani in applauding Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM) for its gallant and timely historic protest. I must also commend the conference called by AT, which raised very important issues. I was very happy to see the the religious right totally absent from this event. Here is a very sincere and candid advice for Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSMQ) and others. MQM is trying to shift a Muhajir-Pashtoon wedge to Sindhis. It is incumbent upon JSQM and other Sindh Rights movements in Sindh and overseas to make a clear distinction that Sindh was never and can never be against the nation of Ghafar Khan who had eternal ties with Sindh and her national leaders. Sindhis are all for the right of self-governance of Pakhtoonkhwa. We just don’t want our nation to be subjected to ethnic re-engineering and reduced to insignificant minority. JSQM should show its guts to expose an ethnic organization of Karachi and its betrayal in painting Sindhis as Pashtoon haters.

THIS IS VERY CRITICAL FOR SINDHIS GOING FORWARD… We are against Taliban not Pashtoons. Taliban come in all races, nationalities, sizes, and ethnicities. Many of today’s Taliban are successors of Jamaat’s para-militay forces Al-Badr and Al-Shams who were forward blocks of the West Pakistan army in East Pakistan.

Remember my friends, Pashtoons and other ethnic minorities in Karachi are vital deterrent to MQM’s runaway absolute power. Do not lose this goodwill. Make it clear we are not against them and other ethnic groups but against agencies’ cheap tactics to set Sindhis and Pashtoons against each other by shoving mass migration into our homeland.

May 27, 2009

4 thoughts on “MQM is trying to shift a Muhajir-Pashtoon wedge to Sindhis”

  1. NWFP gov claims there are 2.5 million displace people, only 0.5 million living in camps then where are 2 million IDP’s?

    Yeah they are heading towards Sindh.

    In Karachi Mohajirs would fight and at least made those pathans starve and might be possible to kick them out from karachi but what will happen in SIndh where the waderas lost their reputation and if and only if few thousands Talibans who would come and rescue those peasant sindhis, and then made an Islamic state of Larkana then Sindhis won’t be able to even fight with them ..

    On this very forum a post PAKISTAN BIG BROTHER it is quite clear that leaders of Punjab even Governor Punjab of PPP working for punjabies and PUNJAB but the PPP sindh the so called sindhi nationalist are doing nothing against the big influx of these pathans in SIndh..

  2. Sindhis Living in homeland have more knowledge,Pathans are always not with Sindhi Nation only Gaffar Khan was friend of GM syed beause they have common politics that is aginst the state, but if allows pathans and others to settle in sindh, then where will we go. what is solution of problem. surely MQM is also not son of soil, but sindh has trouble with IDPs because they are in laces not few families. Sindh’s those parties who have launched struggle are fighting own war because always inhabitant have doubts and fear about settlers. And always settler leave with violence not with peace. It is very good decision of these parties. I agree with Asad Ahmed that New Governor or CM will be Pathan..

  3. lol
    just wait after few years the CM of sindh will be a Pathan

    50,000 pathans in major constitencies of sindh and all the sindhi waderas lose their seats to ANP.

    good joke.

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