aliakbardhakan(A Weekly column of Jawed Choudry Published in the Daily Jung, Dated: 15-06-99)

Translated By Dr Ali Akbar M. Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

This is story of those days when Bangladesh was called as East Pakistan. A bengali Federal Government servant, Mr. Noor-ul-islam was sent to America for higher studies on Government Expenditure. He was an intelligent officer. He was graced by God with both qualities of intelligence and hardworking. Being an intelligent, hardworking, and efficient, Noo-ul-islam was highly regarded in the whole American University.

The teacher of the university appreciating his performance used to quote his name while inspiring and realizing the lazy, idle, careless and below average students. Amongst those weak, inert, inefficient and incompetent students,there was an american student who used to pass the whole nights dancing in bars and night clubs and during the day time, he used to remain in the cafe Terias of the university. That american student in addition to doing characterless activities, was also a great cheater, misbehaving and a disobedient boy. When, some times, his teacher scolded him giving a decent example of Noor-ul-Islam, then this American boy having an elephant like body and ugly face, used to look at Noor-ul- Islam with hatred and calling him ”Fool Blacky” used to leave the class. At the closure of the session of classes in the university, Noor-ul-Islam was awarded Ph.D Degree with a great honour whereas that American camel boy was declared failed by the university. Noor-ul-Islam returned to Pakistan as Dr. NOOR-UL-ISLAM. He was posted in the planning commimssion. Those days, the Head of the Planning commission was a Punjabi Bureaucrat who bacame famouse and earned great name in iqbaliat later on. During his tenure peeriod, for the improvment of various departments, on huge facilities and remunerations, services of some Americans were hired as advisors. Among those advisors, one advisor came in the share of the planning commission, just for the introduction of that advisor, a meeting was held. When Noor-ul-islam attended that meeting, he was surprised to see there,the same disobedient,inefficient and characterless man whom the university had declared failure even refused to issue a certificate to him. Dr. Noor-ul-islam could tolerate thier victimization and cruel behaviour meted out to him but the consequence took such an adverse turn that American Camel started taking revenges of his own misconducts and characterless activities from Noorul islam. Even suitable and fair suggestion or proposal submitted by Noorul Islam to his boss, was being vetoed by the American camel. Noorul Islam could tolerate even such a behaviour but the extreme excess of victimization reached to the extent that Punjabi Boss with the conspiracy of that American Camel Avisor started insulted and rebuked Noorul Islam before the audiance or other staff members and officers. One day when he came out of the Chamber of his Boss and immediately before the sound of the closure of the door came into his ears, he heard together the voices of slogan of fool blacky and a laughter of his punjabi boss. He thus was commpelled first time to utter from his mouth that ” We Fool Blacky People should have a separate Country”.

The friend of that Noorul Islam and our learned scholar Senator Akram Zaki’s claim is that this Noorul Islam was the main Architect of Bangladesh bacause he, in the coming days, started poisoning the brains of the present Bengali Civil and military Bureaucracy. When Bangladesh came into existence, this Noorul islam was posted as the Chairman of the Planning Commission of the newly born country Bangladesh.

I do not claim that the reason for creation of Bangladesh was Noorul Islam.However, I shall to some extent essentially say that of the numerous reasons for the separation of East Pakistan, one reason was Noorul islam and other intelligent and efficient Bengali Officers who were compelled thinking for a separate country having no punjabi foolish, inefficient and senseless officer who with the conspiracy of such an inefficient American Camel could insult and rebuke them and where their talent and intelligence should be fully utilized and should get respect and suitable status in accordance with their efforts, hardworking and toils. Later on this gap widened to such an extent that Rubber Wheel was broken which became a great tragedy in the history of Pakistan but perhaps this is not only the fact but a greater than this tragedy

was that we did not learn a lesson from even that tragedy that we did not frame such a policy on a national basis according to which we could stop the growing trend of the production of more Noorul Islam in other provinces so that we could appreciate thier talent, their spirit of hardworking and their love for the country.. At last, today the same thinking of Noorul Islam is growing in the minds of the people of other small provinces for which the punjab is being considered as a USURPER. Although the number of people thinking for separation is like ”Pieces of Sand in the Bag of Sugar” but it is a truth that due to the malafide activities of our leadership, bureaucracy and planners, people of small provinces are being tortured and victimized and whose talent is not being given full weightage they deserve. Let it be first decided that how many Sindhis, Balouchs and Pathans have been participated in the circle of decision-makers for detemining the fate of the country. What is the representation of smaller provinces in the Federal Cabinet? How much importance, we attach to solve the basic issue of smaller provinces? How many times, we have paid visits to Zoheb,Machh, Guwader, Umerkot, Tandoadam, Thatta, Mardan, Charsadah and dure adam Khel for solving thier day to day problems? Please think with a cool heart and head and decide.

When we consult and dialogue with the enemies of Islam and Pakistan, invite American for dialogues, to say Ram to the enemy, we visit Delhi, then why do not our character and senses allow us to get compromise with our annoyed leaders of smaller Provinces.

Why cannot, we make dialogues with the Noorul Islam like-minded people/ When we can import Americans and British Advisors on the payment of million Dollars, then why cannot we embrace the annoyed people of smaller provinces on a very small amount of expenditure? Why cannot we convert their hatred into LOVE OR AFFECTION? Please, let be experimented.

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