World Sindhi Congress is deeply concerned at the grave historical threat posed to Sindhi people

London: Press release – World Sindhi Congress WSC is deeply concerned at the grave historical threat posed to Sindhi people resulting from migration of a large number of people to Sindh resulting from ongoing conflict in Malakanad region of Pakhtunkhuwa. Although, WSC sympathises with the displaced people, however, we see this as a deliberately created crisis and a .. design .. as a move to seriously hurt the long-term historical rights of Sindhi people. If these people have to be settled in camps until the conflict is resolved then why to settle them 1400km away. WSC believes that most appropriate, cost-effective and politically least challenging way will be to settle them in their own land. Their settlement in Sindh will have serious concerns and consequences particularly in the backdrop of the fact that Sindh is already an area with one of the highest immigrant population proportion in the world.

Sindh is already reeling under enormous social, economic and cultural pressure and last but not the least their historical survival as a nation due to settlement of large immigrant populations.

WSC demands from Peoples Party, whom Sindhi people gave an unprecedented support enabling them to come in power, to take an upright and courageous stand on this issue of critical concern for the historical survival of Sindhi people.

WSC reminds ANP and other Pathan nationalist to follow the principled stand of Bacha Khan who recognised and reiterated that Sindh is for Sindhi people.

WSC also notices the vacillating and peripheral stand of MQM on this issue. This raises the question concerning their credibility for principled support on genuine rights of Sindhi people.

WSC wholeheartedly and unequivocally support the courageous struggle of Sindhi people on this issue. WSC requests the entire Sindhi nation, all political parties and civil society organisations to unite and develop a consensus and wise stand and struggle to avoid serious harm due to population influx. WSC believes this as of paramount importance for survival of Sindhi people in the current situation when the Pakistan establishment is hatching conspiracies against Sindhi people and their representatives.

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