Let’s initiate for unity and save the Motherland

By Jameel Junejo

The writer can be reached at –  jamilb4u@gmail.com

Just to say, struggles and movements are the guarantee of safety of nations’ existence, is wrong. One has to evaluate the results of movement of nation against the strength of its enemy, results and strength of its counter strategies against the result and strength of strategies of it enemy.

If enemy is more powerful, organized, more strategic than the nation, if the severity of conspiracies chalked by enemy is higher than the speed and scope of nations struggle, it will ultimately result in formers victory. Such struggle can increase the life span of the nation but not guarantee the safety of its existence, serve as support to falling wall of nation but can’t make it to sustain completely. Therefore Sindh has to evaluate its struggle inorder to see whether or not it sufficiently and completely confront and desists the conspiracies of its enemies then , to reformulate and redirect its political struggle in light of the findings

No doubt very before after creation of Pakistan Sindh has been and is still launching struggles against Panjabi-Panahgir vested interest and overall anti Sindh elements. But if we see Sindh from different aspects , we come to conclude that Sindh is stepping towards destruction rather than development, national slavery rather than national salvation.For,Natural resources are fastly depleting without giving profit to Sindh. Indus has been subjected to vicious conspiracy of making it barren .Delta has been completely destroyed.20000 cultivable land has been destroyed.Krachi is owned by Pakhtuns and MQM rather than by Sindies,educational institutions has been destroyed through organized and systematic conspiracy by introducing Gunda culture ,recruiting ineligible teachers. Entire interior Sindh is burning into the cauldron of, feudal fights national unity is highly lacking, youth are committing suicide due to unemployment, and Parents are selling their children due to poverty. Current influx of IDPs is serving as support to process of making Sindhis into minorities in Sindh

Keeping all this in view, it is high need of the hour for Sindhis to forge national unity. Political parties, maintaining their ideologies, should make alliance at minimum possible agendas .luckily minimums possible agendas of all national political parties are of National importance; all national political parties have consensus on most important national issues like water, IDPs, Natural resources, illegal migrants. all such political parties believe that Natural resource are property of Sindh,no more cuts and diversion and Dams on Indus, expulsion of migrants came after 1954 and national salvation. Besides, Sindh case is very strong.

Now what is highly needed is forging national unity and launching joint struggle. Similar stand on most important national issues and strong national case make national alliance and joint struggle possible and ensures the victory

Let’s create national unity and launch joint struggle and save existence of our Motherland

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