Sindhis of Hyderabad: New Red Indians of Pakistan


Sindhis of Hyderabad: New Red Indians

by Zulfiqar Halepoto, Hyderabad, Sindh

Hyderabad, the traditional, cultural and intellectual capital of Sindh is now turned in to an ORPHAN city. The entire Sindhi population of Hyderabad always votes for PPP and I is always neglected by PPP.

At one time I used to hear from the leadership of PPP that since PPP doesn’t win seats from Hyderabad city so why this city should be given equally status to those of the districts where the party wins seats of MNAs and MPAs.

Even the nationalists are behaving like visitors of the city..They do arrange political gatherings agitations and rallies for the right of Sindhi people but they don’t have any serious plan to rehabilitate the lost political glory of the people of this city.

The 1947 migration completely destroyed the socio-economic and cultural landscape of this beautiful town of Sindhi academia, intellectuals, middle class enterprising. The divide of Hyderabad on ethnic lines during Musharraf’s regime was a fatal below. Hyderabad city was announced as new district to bribe MQM terrorists and now the remaining locales of Sindhis are deprived of development. MQMs discriminatory development agenda is turning Sindhis of the town in red Indians.

On the other hand, instead of countering MQMs ugly agenda, the PPP leadership of the town has folded their eyes under RECONCILIATION and keep mum on every atrocities of an ethnic outfit.

The district government of MQM is shrinking the breathing space of the native indigenous population through discriminatory policies. Some traitors form with in Sindhis are supporting MQM and the shocking news is that some PPP leaders, close friends of Mr. president (another breed of accidental politicians and a curse on Sindh) and others are pulling them in to PPP folds and supporting them.

The tug of war between various PPP stalwarts over transfers and postings of their favorites and cronies is another area of the miseries of Sindhis of the town.

“Adding salt to the injury” is that the VISIONARY minister for education Pir Mazhar is ordering to close Sindhi medium girls’ school of the city. The recent example is the Goal Building Government School. It is the only Sindhi medium school for a girl who is catering a large number of small Sindhi para (locals) from Gadi Khato, Haider Chock, Khokhar and Fareed Paro, Lajpat Raod, Station Road, Radio Pakistan Building, Rasala Raod and other locations.

These were the areas where Sindhi women fought against MQM guns and terrorist during 2008 general elections and now PPP education minister is rewarding them through closing down the schools of Sindhi girls…Corruption in the local education department is the order of the day.

The ministers, MNAS and MPAs from Hyderabad city are still in power’s hangover…

I have spoken to many minister of the present Sindh government. Send emails to president and PM and party’s high command, trying to locate Pir Mazhar, the LOIUS IV of Sindh…convincing PPP candidates from that constituency…. If even after these exercises they are going to listen peoples voice the only option will be a GHARAO culture of these ministers and high-ups through out Sindh….

Enough is enough…..


Source- This article of  Zulfiqar Halepoto has published at several Sindhi lists.

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