Pakistan – Should we live here or migrate

pakistan_cStop The Rot In Pakistan – by Ahmed Quraishi

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—If the political parties are unable to produce leaders, we cannot wait for them forever to do so. We in Pakistan do not have the luxury of time. The military can and will prevail over the threats facing us for the time being, but who will assume the challenge of making Pakistan an attractive place for its citizens? Pakistan’s existing ‘national leadership has been a failure in the best of times. Our challenges are tall and our leaders are pygmies. To move forward, Pakistan needs a new deal for the 21st century. And this deal cannot come through the ballot for the foreseeable future. Our best chance is for Pakistan’s best and brightest – outside the realm of our failed parties and a failed system – to step forward with a plan to remodel the state.

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National and Democratic Question in Pakistan

R.B. Palijo
R.B. Palijo

Awami Tahreek is hosting a country wide conference on “National and Democratic Question in Pakistan”

On Sunday May 24, 2009 at Hotel Regent Plaza, Kohnoor Hall room (12:00 to 6:00 PM). Participants of the conference would also deliberate on the lawlessness in country and suggest possible solutions. Pakistan’s leading nationalist, democratic; leftists, writers, intellectuals and lawyers would attend and speak in this half day conference. Some 400 delegates of different political and social movements would participate in the conference. Awami Tahreek would like to invite you in this conference. Having you would be a privilege to us.

Rasool Bux Palijo, Awami Tahreek, Sindh


Awami Tahreek is progressive and pro-people political movement

Awami Tahreek is progressive and pro-people political movement of peasants, writers, students and working class people of Sindh. Since its inception in 1970s it has worked for democratization in country, giving voice to voiceless people of Sindh. It has established working class leadership at gross roots level in a society which is dominated by feudal elite and class which is patronized and sponsored by undemocratic elements in this country. AT believes in social change and transformation of Sindhi society by building alliances with working class people of other provinces of this country and seeks solidarity with people at large in world.