JSQM’s Protest 21st May Karachi Press Club

Bashir Qureshi
Bashir Qureshi

Sindh Quami Mahaz (JSQM) Annouced Protest All Over Sindh on 21st of May 2009 Against Illegal Refugee Camps in Sindh. Political workers, Social workers, Writers Students and Friends of Sindh and Peace loving people Will Be Gathered on 3 PM at Karachi Press Club.JSQM Chairmen will Lead the Demo at Karachi.

Not hard to understand why!!

by Nadeem Jamali, Canada

Sindh’s political elites have to keep proving that they are more loyal to Islamabad than to Sindh. In comparison, Punjab is Pakistan. Punjabis have nothing to prove.

The consensus emerging on refugees internationally is that they should settle in the first / closest place where they can have refuge. In Pakistan, anyone and everyone who needs refuge, no matter where they are from, only seem to feel safe in Sindh.

Now only if Sindh could integrate refugees into Sindhi society, they could harness the wealth of traditional knowledge, expertise, and the work ethic that Pashtuns are known for, for common good. Instead, Sindhis end up having to integrate into each group of refugees coming through the borders.


News: PML-N wary of IDPs’ influx into Punjab

SLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and its Punjab government are apprehensive of allowing massive influx of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) into the province, and instead want to help them at the camps set up in the NWFP.

Not Without Making Mullahs Irrelevant

by: K. Ashraf

One young Pakistani intellectual made a telling statement about Pakistani nation. He wrote: “Pakistanis are a democratic nation trapped in undemocratic state.” I would like to give this statement a slightly different twist: Pakistanis are a culturally secular people trapped in culturally religious state.

Of course Mullahs have somewhat influence in Pakistani society but they are not as powerful as state institutions present them by giving them more than due acceptability in national discourse about national issues. This acceptability of Mullahs even becomes more evident when we form committees like Royete-Hilal and create a media circus three times a year by inviting Mullahs to decide the moon-sighting and hold so called nonsensical Mushaikh conferences to address critical national issues.

When Pakistan came into existence it was simply called Pakistan. It was neither Islamic nor Republic of Pakistan. After creation of Pakistan, Mullahs who originally opposed the idea of Pakistan,

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The Obama Administration, by all accounts, is scrambling to fix the crisis in Pakistan

senatorobamaTuesday, May 19, 2009

Why ‘Pakistan’ Doesn’t Exist – And Why Meddling May Not Help

Courtesy: D’Souza’s Daily Drivel

The Obama Administration, by all accounts, is scrambling to fix the crisis in Pakistan.

The United States and Japan have each pledged billions to shore up the country’s doddering economy. Special envoy Richard Holbrooke is busy drumming up international support for what is being described as a “global concern.” Drones continue to pound militant hideouts in the lawless tribal region. And everywhere there’s talk about the impending disaster set to unfold along the badlands bordering Afghanistan.

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There Can’t Be Just One True Religion

religion“How could there be just one true faith?” asked Blair, a twenty-four-year-old woman living in Manhattan. “It’s arrogant to say your religion is superior and try to convert everyone else to it. Surely all the religions are equally good and valid for meeting the needs of their particular followers.”

“Religious exclusivity is not just narrow- it’s dangerous,” added Geoff, a twentysomething British man also living in New York City. “Religion has led to untold strife, division, and conflict. It may be the greatest enemy of peace in the world. If Christians continue to insist that they have “the truth”- and if other religions do this as well- the world will never know peace.”

Courtesy and Thanks: The Reason for God, Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller, page-3