Pakistan & armed militants – Cure is worse than the disease

by Omar Ali, USA

The real point on which inquiry is needed (but doesnt look very likely) is why things got to this pass? why are thousands of armed militants moving around different parts of Pakistan? if foreign countries have sent them in, then shouldn’t out security agencies have made some attempt to stop this foreign intervention long before it got to this point? If Pakistanis are involved, shouldn’t our security agencies have taken notice of these trends long before they reached the point of civil war? What role did our super duper intelligence agencies play in all this? And given that these agencies have been running the country for most of the last 10 years (and longer), what have they done to improve governance and reorder the state so that the majority of the people have a real stake in the health of the system? And what IS the system they are committed to? We need to know because until we get an open and transparent accounting, this fog of confusion will allow the real criminals to get away TO COMMIT NEW CRIMES, maybe even bigger ones than the last set of stupid policies…

I can tell you MY theory: the security forces and its agencies are responsible for this mess. And while we still have to use the same forces and agencies to clean it up, we dont have to use the same exact people. And how would we know that new people are running things until we know WHO the old people were? After all, if … and … had a central role in building up this mess, that makes them much less suitable as executors of the estate (one or two cases of genuine conversion to sanity are possible, but again, how do we know until there is some transparency? ). I am not saying Kiyani Sahib is the wrong person. He may well the best possible person….but we won’t really know if he does not allow an open accounting and transparent investigation.

We cannot just give them carte blanche to do what they please. They have a record of messing things up, they may have personally benefited from past shenanigans and they are extremely cynical about innocents getting killed while they try to achieve their grand ambitions, so I would prefer to see real accountability, transparency and an open debate..Otherwise, we may wake up to find that the cure was worse than the disease….

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