Internally Displaced Persons of Pakistan

For Internally Displaced Persons of Pakistan

More than a million peace loving people of Swat, Malakand, Buner and Dir have chosen the way to sacrifice the lives of their beloved family members, their homes and belongings, and the assets built over generations, for the sake of Peace and Security of Pakistan and its implications for the whole world. A recent UN report indicates this Internal Displacement of well over one million souls as the biggest in the past fifteen years

but we believe that this is the biggest displacement for securing Peace after 15 hundred years of the Hijrat (migration) of Holy Profit (PBUH).

Besides older people (mostly traumatized) the IDPs include over half a million children and infants who are not even aware of the complexities of the crises…. What lies ahead of them and for how long… no one can predict at this stage. They need your support…. It is not only the food, shelter and health care …. They need a lot more…. They need your moral support initially and then as practical supporters to get them back to normal life as quickly as possible, even they are away from heir homes for an indefinite period awaiting rehabilitation.

And then there is YOUTH ….especially male, the most vulnerable lot under such environment of unrest, misery and despondency and above all without amenities of life….at this juncture they are just like aimless missiles, we have to guide them and keep them OCCUPIED with constructive devices: like functional literacy, life based skills, food-for-work, marketable skills training, recreation and above all sensitization for tolerance and conflict resolution… and that too well in time before they are charged into any destructive mode. So we all have a responsibility to share!

In this hour of crises we need your support. Chose your area of assistance or service and PAIMAN Trust will articulate/organize your generous support for the people under distress who have sacrificed their today for our tomorrow.

To ensure the credibility of our work, it is pertinent to introduce PAIMAN Alumni Trust. It is a non-profit organization registered under the Trust Act of 1882, working in thematic areas of education, health, political and economic empowerment of marginalized groups, peace and conflict resolution and disaster management.

PAIMAN is also working in conflict zones of FATA for the last two years and is implementing over million dollars projects in FATA including child health, livelihood and peace and conflict resolution. It has eleven offices all over the country including three in FATA and one each in Peshawar and Mardan.

PAIMAN has worked extensively in emergency relief operations in earthquake of 2005 and now is supporting over 3,000 Swat/FATA IDPs especially with the host communities in Charsadda, Mardan and Swabi Districts including non formal literacy centers for IDPs. PAIMAN is also in the process of taking over complete charge of four IDPs camps in Mardan by third week of May. Additionally a 24-hr service for transportation of IDPs and patients is operational through a fleet of vehicles and ambulances from PAIMAN’s Relief Base in Mardan. PAIMAN has made own arrangements to pick up any relief support/supplies by donors within 300 KMs radius of Mardan. Volunteer core group consisting of teachers, doctors (especially gynecologists), psychologists and psychotherapists, trainers for skill building and field workers is being registered and organized by PMDC Islamabad and Mardan Relief Base.

PAIMAN’s mission is to create sense of ownership for IDPs and want them to feel that millions of people within Pakistan and abroad share their PAIN and have joined them to fight for Peace and Security of Pakistan, the region and the world

One thought on “Internally Displaced Persons of Pakistan”

  1. i am a phd student belongs to SWAT valley Pakistan. my whole family had been suffered during the war against terror. and now i facing problem huge problem and difficulties to complete my studies and to look after my family. i therefore request you to please do something for me and not only for me but for the entire students of Swat valley and those who has been suffering from this war. i will forward my CV on demand. thanks
    Nabi Shah
    Khwazakhela Swat. Pakistan

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