Butchers of Swat

swat_militantsby: Syed T. Ali-Gilani, MD

Fri May 15, 2009

These are crimes against humanity, these animals should be brought to justice under the laws of Islamic republic of Pakistan, as soon as possible. We should all convince the Chief Justice to start the investigation. These are brutal murders of innocent poor victims ( This is the ultimate form of terrorism to intimidate the local populace). how can a sovereign state tolerate such a state within the state.

These are pure criminal activities under a functioning democratic Parliament of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

We should all protest unitedly and bring these criminals to justice. No Muslim can murder a human (Muslim or nonMuslim) like this there is no “sharia” telling anyone to do so.

To stay quite on these barbaric acts or play politics on the blood of these victims will make all such Pakistanis equal contributors in this crime against humanity.

Please protest as loudly as you can against these animals. Please join hands otherwise they will butcher all of us one by one.

We cannot lose our homeland to these animals. I am expecting an unequivocal protest and action from JI, TI, MLN, PPP, ANP, MQM and all the political forces to bring these criminals to justice ASAP.

One thought on “Butchers of Swat”

  1. .. after the approval of Nizam-e-Adl Sufi Mohammed did give up resisitance n ensured peace in the valley,even after it was signed by the prime-minister the ground reality was that the Sharia was never implemented in Swat n adjoining areas, instead the government kept making claims , due to its own fault, part trap n part ineptness of the officials Talban were allowed to acess regions near Federal capital so that making it a reason or a strong evidence to launch an operation against Talban which the statistics show is resulting in collateral damage with almost 1.7 million people displaced internally without any shelter n food and a total mismanagement n inefficiency of the Government to cope up with such a disastrous move! I firmly believe that this particular issue could have easily been resolved through negotiations n dialog, but the step has been taken in such a hurry that even the Cabinet, prime-minister n civil society were not taken in confidence , n the president was himself OUT of the country when this shear stupidity started!

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