Swat – where are they now?

swat_militantsby Mashal Khan Takkar

The wirter is the President of Canadian Pakhtoon Cultual Association Inc. Canada and he can be reached at mtakkar@yahoo.com

I am here in Pakistan for the last seven months. What I have heard and seen here about the conspiracy against SWAT and as a whole Pashtoon Nation, soon I will be there in Toronto and I will tell the truth to every one.

When in SWAT there was a very terrible situation and it was very risky to go there before Nizam adal, I had four trips to SWAT to help there the displaced people from the hilly areas to Mangora. And I had helped them how much I could not for advertisement.

Now our brothers, sisters , kids and our elders from SWAT are in great trouble. You cant imagine what is happening with them.

I salute the great Pakhtoon local people here how they are helping their guest from SWAT. And when I was going to Takkar from Islamabad, I saw on the banners , Dranoo and garano Mailmano pa khair raghlee.

Me and Sardar Ali takkar both were in the Car and when we saw it , really we wept to see the enthusiasm of the local people. They have given there own houses and hujras to their guest from SWAT.

We have also given shelters to a few families in our house and Hujra in Takkar. I spent with them 4 days and what I have heard from them, it was terrible even to hear…

One thing I am very much surprised, that the organizations from Canada and Pakistan had been sending e-mails to the people about the girl flogging, where are they now? Very sorry for their this attitude. I can say a lot about but I don’t want to get into detail at this time. It is not time for it.

3 thoughts on “Swat – where are they now?”

  1. a big conspericy against Pathans and Pakistan both.Hope Allah will soon drag us from the trouble. salute to the great Pakhtoon local people .

  2. I live in the U. S. and I am interestin in following what is going on in S w a t . What are the best web sites or blogs to follow? Thank you.

  3. My family is now scattered – they have been uprooted from Swat during these troubles – I had planned a visit for the first time in 13 years this summer, and now this is unlikely to happen. Does the Pak army have any real intention of flushing out the Taliban – the common perception is that they are the two sides of the same coin? Many Pashtoons have no faith in the government and military.

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