For first time Nationalists parties of Sindh demanded ‘no-right-to vote’ for people of other provinces in Sindh, fearing indigenous Sindhis turning into minority

..Joint declaration passed at a conference entitled “National Consultative Conference” held in Hyderabad by Sindh Veteran Politician Rasool Bux Palijo, Cheif of Awami Tahreek, some 200 delegates participated in the conference, Sunday May 10, 2009. Two things were interesting to note in this declaration: 1. US and Western democracies were accused of condoning and supporting urban terrorism in Karachi. 2. Nationalist parties (for first time in Sindh) demanded ‘no-right-to vote for people of other provinces in Sindh, and in forth coming census, people hailing from other provinces should not be counted and registered as citizens of Sindh (fearing indigenous Sindhis turning into minority in their own motherland) .. Ruling coalition in Sindh government was invited in the conference… Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mehaz (JSQM) and Asif Baladi did not sign the charter (they said: nothing less than sovereignty)

This seemed to be first anti-PPP alignment (if not an alliance) mostly by nationalist parties of Sindh joined and supported by PML N and Jamaat-e-Islami.

4 thoughts on “For first time Nationalists parties of Sindh demanded ‘no-right-to vote’ for people of other provinces in Sindh, fearing indigenous Sindhis turning into minority”

  1. Jeay Sindh Muthida Mahaz JSMM and JSQM Abdul Wahid Areasar has launched struggale against people of other province unfortunnatly not invited these Parties because their struggale is only for Sindh. .. on settlers in S indh also said that is part of struggale. Here I want to say Friends that it is not suffiecent to demand but need to struggale that is only way to save and Keep Sindh as sovereiegn.War in NWFP and Afghanistan is continue and Sindh has peaceful political situation and Economical charming, so only struggle can quit them and keep away from SINDH.

    1. this sruggle of jsmm&jsqm is for to save the sindh from outer province &people of other countries whose are comes here for destroing sindhi nation.
      now the karachi is out from the hand of sindhi’s ;now hyderabad and other most importent cities outing for sinhi’s its cause dhari abadkari by state week the sindhi nation.
      This struglle is a historical & it is nessesory for sindhi nation &sinhi nation support it. it is good for our future as being by the palastienan

  2. With high respect i would like to say that this confrenece was not designted to forge alliance or allignemnet against PPP.This was a step towards national unity inorder to take out Sindhi nation from abyss of national slavery in particular and to cop up the situation arising from new geo political conditions in Pakistan in general. PPP is one among the reasons what Sindh is suffering today.secondly, current governmnet is not of PPP but is of coalition.Therfore, better to use word,PPP-led governmnet, if this confernerce strategically meant to forge alliance against PPP.
    But to best of my knowledge , this conference did not mean to open any confrontation with PPP through an alliance. Scope of this conference was wider than this ,that was to bring nationilist parties on single plateform to launch joint struggle through a unique and specific demands inorder to release sindh from grips of overall National slavery

  3. If Palijo and other sindhi nationalists are working for sindh and sindhi nation then they should come out and raise voice over increasing migration from NWFP in Sindh and Karachi

    They are just .. nationalist they are the … of SIndhis and Sindh if they are sincere they should come out on the roads what they are waiting for ?

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