“Fear and extremism have covered entire world but Sindh free”

world_planetBy Mukhtiar kapri

Courtesy: TeamSind.blogspot.com

After 9/11 world is remaining in deep alienation, and confidence have been broken among countries. Every country has remained a victim of extremism. In this regard, world is facing socio- economic problems. There is no single day which passes without suicide attacks.

To speak of South Asia, it has been remained at large scale victim of suicide attaches and other terrorism attacks. The three South Asian countries, viz India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, are main targets of extremists to attack freely. And extremists have become non-state actors creating their own states are independently killing and murdering. Now it is looking very difficult to get ride of extremists. Still it is mystery that who is supporting them.

Speaking on the condition of Pakistan, it is much more worse than other South Asian countries. Pakistan’s image is becoming very bad in the world, we are regarded as safe heaven of terrorists. It is not exaggeration to say that all conservative muslims of the world are gathered in the territories of Pakistan in order to bring their hand made Islam.

It is a truth that their Islam is not same Islam which Holy prophet Muhammad preached almost 14 hundred years ago. In fact, the prophet of Islam did came with the purpose of eradication all the wrongs of the world. And he always believed that humanity is the big religion. When first time he announced himself as a last prophet of God, in return, people of Arabia used to chide and abuse him, so much so that people threw stones on him; in spite of this, he did not revolt against them but prayed for them. Once His companions say to Him, curse the people who are against him. But greatest prophet said them, “ I am sent in the world not to curse but to establish judiciary of justice, if I start to fight with people then there will be no difference between me and cruel.” What beautiful words did the Prophet say! Then why these terrorists cannot understand the ideology of prophet of Muhammad?

To see the rapid attacks of terrorists in the name of Islam, it is looking that it is not further day when they will occupy entire territory of Pakistan. In fact, they have controlled entire Pakistan except Sindh. Yes, it is fact that mucho of Sindh is free from extremist activities. One wonders what are the reasons and why cannot the suicide attacks happen in Sindh? I believe that no such terrorist attached could take place without support from indigenous people.

Broadly speaking on this issue, Sindhi people who believe in Humanity, they condemn all those incidents and actions which are cause of destruction of Humanity. So they do not accept such religion which is based on barbarism. As we know that Sindhi community is divided into two categories, first are Hindu Sindhis and next one are Muslim Sindhi. When they speak with each other then there will be difficult to differentiate between them. They respect their religions equally. It is observed that Mosque and Mander is regarded same place before them.

The fact of the matter is that we, Sindhi people should highlight this reality before the world that Sindh is part of Pakistan, where people are secular and they believe in Fraternity, Brotherhood, Peace and Equality. And they are not involved in extremists activities. Since inception of Pakistan, none of single Sindhi has been arrested on charges of involvement in extremists’ terrorist activities. Moreover, one can hardly find a Sindhi among Taliban which are mainly Pakhtuns and Punjabis.

Despite of this great condition, Sindh is regarded as a place of robbery and cruelty in the most parts of Pakistan. When we speak different representatives of NGOs and INGOs regarding work in Sindh. Immediately they response that there is a security problem and Sindhi people are robbers and illiterate. These same people are working in FATA, NWFP, Pakhtun areas of Balochistan including Panjab where guest cricket team is attached, but on other hand, this same team is respected in Karachi heart of Sindh. If same guests were played in Karachi or Hyderabad, obviously, this incident would not have happened.

In the last, I leave case of Sindh in the court of you. I implore all of you, please propagate reality about our Sindh which is treated like a step-mother. Let us awake a conscience of the world in order to understand reality about Sindh. If world can invest in Afghanistan, FATA. Then why it can not consider Sindh? That is why let us plant a seed of awareness about this great paradise.

Source- http://teamsindh.blogspot.com/2009/05/fear-and-extremism-have-covered-entire.html

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