Provincial autonomy: Inaction of the Sindh government

sindhSelected and translated by Sohail Sangi

What Sindhi Press says;

THE Sindh government has failed to submit a proposal to the federal government for the abolition of the concurrent list and granting of more provincial autonomy. The statements by the members of the Sindh government in the media indicate that they are well aware of the issue. But they have failed to act on their words.

Then minister for inter-provincial coordination, Raza Rabbani, asked the provincial government to submit these proposals within 15 days, but even after two and half months these proposals have not been submitted. Despite a re minder by the ministry, the Sindh government did not respond.

The apathy of the Sindh government is quite appa rent. This is not simple oblivion as the federal government had sent a reminder, but the Sindh government authorities failed to respond to the call of the federal government. Basically this depicts the very attitude of the Sindh government towards this issue. It is strange that a meeting of provincial secretaries did not take place to discuss these is- sues. It is only after such a meet- ing that the proposal can be pre- pared. How long it will take the Sindh government to do this is anyone’s guess.

The solution to all the major problems of Sindh lies in pro- vincial autonomy. Therefore it has to prepare a strong case which needs speedy action. These proposals will only be considered when the required information is provided to the federal government. However, if the Sindh government is so lax about preparing the case then how strong can one expect the case to be?

Reports suggest that the reminder by the federal government was lying on the table of the secretary of provincial coordination for more than one month. It is ironic that even then this letter did not get the attention of bureaucrats. At the end of March a note was put up for the chief secretary to call a meeting of concerned provincial secretaries.

Media reports suggest that it did not reach the table of the chief secretary. The bureaucracy appears to be responsible for this undue delay. But then what are the political leaders of the government doing? This important letter was buried under the files and the provincial government failed to follow up.

If this is the attitude of our bureaucracy regarding such an important matter then one can imagine how it acts on matters related to the general public. What price are people paying for the speedy disposal of their files? How are our institutions functioning? We will request the provincial authorities to immediately finalise and submit proposals for the abolition of the concurrent list and provincial autonomy. The government should also probe the matter of the inaction of the bureaucracy. — (April 30) ¦ Daily Kawish

One thought on “Provincial autonomy: Inaction of the Sindh government”

  1. .. cuntries cannot run and govern laws when there is prov. autonomy, I have not seen prov. autonomy anywhere in the world not even heard a discussion about this idea except the cheap idea given on this forum, I think this is another foriegn agenda to dismantle Pakistan.
    Is there any indian hand in this propoganda. Looks like part of one big world order concept given by so called Am imperialism dream.
    The author of this article has no idea what he is talking about, he needs to get a primary education on this subject before write such an ideas.

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