aliakbardhakanBy Dr Ali AKbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

The Persian poet Hafiz says, “the pen lacks the tongue or the power to reproduce the story of love.In fact even the craving for union is beyond expression”. For Sasui, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai says, ” At appearance got griefs, at maturity lost happiness, these both events of sourceless girl met with misfortunes”. Sasui was a daughter of Brihman of Rohri side who was thrown in the Indus on some prediction of having unfortunate fate girl but God, the creator saved her life and was picked up from the ocean by the washerman (Dhobi) of Bhambhore near Gharo distt. Thatta. God gifted her a beautiful and cheerful structure of body and was as white as snow and sun . She got maturity in the washerman`s (Dhobi’s) house who reared her as his own daughter. At last a man namely Punhoon of Baloch tribe from Balochistan married her but his father namely Ari, the King of Ketch Balochistan did not agree with this marriage of his son with some girl of low caste and instructed his other sons to go to Bhambhore and get Punhoon back home at any cost and trick.


MQM – The Talibans of South Pakistan, Threaten Government

mqmMQM – The Talibans of South, Threaten Government

May 2, 2009

Courtesy: Pakistan Politics

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has threatened the government with drastic measures and announced to resist any government action to disarm MQM militants in Karachi. MQM has also demanded the removal of CCPO Karachi and IG Sindh and started a campaign against them after these two officers suggested door-to-door search for weapons in Karachi.

It is ironic that on one hand they have launced a campaign against Pakhtoons of Karachi by tagging them as Talibans, but on the other hand they are threatening the government just like the Talibans of North, to resist any action to disarm the MQM Militants.

MQM leadership said clearly that “The MQM would never allow such a step. If any such step was taken, then the MQM would be compelled to take some drastic measures“.

BBC report, click here

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