World’s First Gay Head of State

by Rene Rosechild

Courtesy and Thanks: Curve Mag

On February 1, Iceland made history by choosing Johanna Sigurðardóttir to be their prime minister, making her the world’s first openly gay head of state. After its government collapsed in January, the country’s political parties chose Sigurðardóttir, one of Iceland’s most trusted and longest serving politicians, to lead them out of economic turmoil.

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Pakistani Media on Extremism: Time to Draw a Line

Imdad Soomro
Imdad Soomro

What Sindhi Press Says:

People who can not read Sindhi media have no idea what Sindhi press is writing, I have noticed lot of good stuff is being published in Sindhi media. Here is one such article by our noted journalist & columnist Imdad Soomro, who is in charge of Sindhi newspaper daily Ibrat’s editorial page. It may give you some idea of Sindhi media. Imdad Soomro can be reached at

Media on Extremism: Time to Draw a Line

By Imdad Soomro, Hyderabad, Sindh

Please note: The following article has published in one of the most influential & widely acclaimed Sindhi daily of Pakistan.Daily Ibrat on September 30, 2008

Courtesy and Thanks: Sindhi Daily Ibrat

In the post-Musharraf era of Pakistan when a pro-people ruling class is governing the country and fighting a war against terrorism, the Pakistani writers, opinion makers and media men seem to be divided in two clear camps, the issue of terrorism is so serious in our country that it is no more a concern only of government, or of one party, or a particular group. Hosts and anchorpersons, of course, in this age of electronic media influence a lot to common people, at the same time bizari propegenda of extremism is also being countered and responded.

A large portion of Urdu Media, both print and electronic, is calling Taliban as ‘forces of resistance and heroes’, the Right-Wing which had found a new direction after the collapse of Soviet Union, they have found their new allies who apparently are moderates and prescribe to liberal ideas but while writing on ‘national sovereignty’, FATA situation, American involvement and aggression, tend to tilt towards extremists’ line.

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Report by Dr Ali AKbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sind

Thirteeth April 2009, A seminar on the above subject was held by the Participartory Development initiatives (PDI) at Mariot Hotel Karachi.The Seminar was to be started exact at 9:30 a.m but the participants could not reach in time beacause of disturbances in the city and the seminar started at 11 a.m just after taking refreshment.The number of participants rose to about 100 and the hall was fully packed .Most of the participants belonged to rural Sindh serving in Karachi, Hyderabad and Islamabad.The Sindh Revenue Minister Mr Darejo chaired the seminar .The other Ministers was Mr Shajrah .Among the gentry Of participants, was Mr Nisar Ali Afandi, Nazeer Memon, Mrs Sadiqa , Mr Muhammad Umer memon and others including me sitting on the front seats.At the stage two Ministers, Mr Subhan Memon Sindh Revenue member, participatory organization officers including the Director Mr Sikander Brohi took their seats.The following details of the seminar were read out and explained by Mr Skander Brohi:


1st May- International Workers Day

LPP May Day Statement – by Farooq Tariq

May Day 2009 in Pakistan is celebrated with a new upsurge in labour movement. There are daily demonstrations across Pakistan by various sectors of the working class on the issues of shorter working day, against contract labour and privatization. More and more workers are now coming together to form the new trade unions as a vehicle of struggle.

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