New Delhi sees Pakistan as a strategic partner

by Jwaed Naqvi

May 31st, 2009

NEW DELHI: India saw Pakistan as a potential strategic partner and wanted Islamabad to mend fences with New Delhi, Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna has said, offering again to join the hunt with Pakistan for terrorists.

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PTV – Not a single Sindhi artist was given a representation in the Capital of Sindh

by Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX, USA

..Recently, Pakistan Television (PTV) had its 14th awards ceremony in Sindh capital, Karachi. Munnoo Bhai, a Punjabi liberal columnist, had to write a column in Jang, protesting why when Punjabi, Baluchi, and Pushtoon culture and music were given ample representation, not a single Sindhi artist was given a chance in the whole program. Needless to remind that all the top posts in PTV are held by the current government’s nominees. List is long. In Sindhi they say: Meeran khe ghar maan laggee. In urdu: iss ghar ko aag lag gaee ghar ke charagh se. PPP was long considered last hope for Sindhis in Pakistan framework. Does this mean that we need to start looking somewhere else now?

Sindhis are standing at the verge of a deep hole

by Aijaz Sindhi

While Sindh has never been in easy situation during past 60 years, the current phase seems to be a defining moment for the Sindh, and Sindhis. She is in a terrible dilemma. In the absence of a unified national policy or strategy, the nationalist leadership is also in a quandary. They have to make the most difficult decisions of their life time. If they protest against the influx of population from Swat and Malakand, they are labeled as playing in the hands of MQM. If they stand still, and do nothing, they are causing the Sindhis to turn into a minority…

Sindhis are standing at the verge of a deep hole. We must come down from our ego driven positions, and start thinking about a long term and a short term objective strategy to get the Sindh out of the current situation.

What is our immediate objective, and how do we set our long term goals? One thing is for sure, and Sindhis must get this in their thought process, that is – Baloch Sardars have never, and do not seem to stand by Sindhis in the hour of their needs. Sindhis must address the problem of MQM, and ANP in the perspective of self interest. We must not be enslaved to our ego driven ideology. It is high time that we put the Sindh ahead of everything else.

In a world, where Jews and Palestinians have come to terms, and are willing to sit on the table, we need to and leave the options open to talk to our political adversaries as well. However, these talks must be qualified. We need to make an objective comparison between MQM and ANP in the greater interest of the Sindh, Pakistan and South Asia.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups.

May 30, 2009



By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

It has been the pride of hte people of Pakistan particularly farming community to take easy and timely loan for cultivation every year from the only the big source of Agricultural financing from the ADBP now the ZTBL which has been the big elephant for the Punjab people as the head office is located in Islamabad with full strength of staff and officers of the high rank belonging to the Punjab.

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Zindagi Hik Natak … Saga of Sindhi Actor

Zindagi Hik NatakSaga of Sindhi Actor

The film uncovers theater Actor’s real life situation where his (Rajan) passion of acting and recognition from people makes him irresponsible towards his family duties. He chooses to continue acting at the cost of his family which is later realized when his wife (Geeta) leaves him alone. He becomes lethargic and realizes his mistakes which leads him to no mans land. But because of his versatile impression he has left over people and his community, he gets support and Geeta joins him back in this family oriented film. A must watch for all Sindhi Families.

Releasing in Theatres June 2009, Zindagi Hik Natak (زندگي هڪ ناٽڪ).. Saga of Sindhi Actor

Produced and Directed by Gopal Raghani, Writer: P B Chand, Music Virbhan, Cast – Suniel Jateily, Mayuri Raghani, Jeetu Vazirani, Seema Motwani, Sangeeta Lalla, Neeru Asrani Kapil Asrani

Here is the link of Sindhi Film Zindagi Hik Natak زندگي هڪ ناٽڪ Film Promo.

Kamal Raghani, Raghani Studio’s

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Life-time Achievement award for Comrade Jam Saqi

Report by Saifullah Shaikh

Daily Sindhi Newspapers have reported that Pir Mazhar of PPP is going to reward Comrade Jam Saqi Life-time Achievement award DUE TO HIS LONG-TERM CLASS STRUGGLE for the people of Pakistan.This ceremony will be held in his native town in Thar. In addition two local schools will be renamed in the honour of his first wife and his father.

ISSUE OF I.D.Ps AND THE RIGHTS OF SINDH (A nationalist point of view)

Khalique Junejo’s letter to Dawn in response to Dawn editorial “IDPs in Sindh”

This is with reference to your editorial “IDPs in Sindh” dated: May 24th, 2009 wehrein some points are not presented in proper perspective while others need some clarification.

There is a big difference between the stance and attitude of MQM and Sindhi People regarding the issue of so called IDPs. Sindhis are not opposed to their entry and settlement in Sindh because of their being ethic Pakhtoons or because they are coming from some specific places like Malakand and/or FATA as is the case with MQM. Sindhis are against the influx, into Sindh, of people belonging to any ethnicity and coming from any place, either from another province or another country as Sindh is already over-saturated and over-stretched.

You say that “if IDPs are fleeing their homes, they have no choice as their land is now a theater of war. Yes, they have no choice but to flee. But is their no choice and chance for them to settle in a place along the 2000 k.m. route they traverse to reach Karachi and Hyderabad? In between come the places of Pakhtoonkhuwa, the capital Islamabad and the big brother Punjab. If the only justification is that they have their relatives in Sindh, it proves the point of the Sindhi nationalists; those who came yesterday make ground for more to come today and the ones coming today will create reason for many more to come tomorrow.

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by Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

Due to long political disorder in the country, social and economic disorder prevails in every government department.This has brought misfortunes and mishaps for the whole of Pakistan. Even the elected government has been in perplexion to handle all the affairs of the country in easy and relaxed manner.The country is facing terrorism and infidelity of all evils and crimes from the side of terrorists and enemies of the country. People feel insecurity and turmoil in economic and social fields.At one side high prices have put the people in difficult days to make their both ends meet and on the other hand,people are being harassed and looted by dacoits,thieves and criminals.It is also being observer in Sindh that no department of the government in the districts are working without taking bribes and corruption.It is because of the reported mismanagement in the affairs of running the government under rules and regulations.

All the ministers and their courtiers try to get their own people posted not in accordance with their experiance and qualifications.Mostly teachers and lacturers working in education department have been posted in local goverment offices in various posts and designations while the original people working and posted in local goverment offices have been made idle and without any posting for long times without salaries and facilities with the result that their families are facing financial hardships and difficulties so much so that they are prepared to make suicides because of the injustice done to their relatives who are the only solace for their livelihood.The Chief Secretary of Sindh is therefore requested to kindly inquire this fact and take disciplinary action against the delinquent officers of various department and streamline the whole system of good governance particularly in Sindh.

The Fall of the Indus Empire

Aryan Invasion and Fall of the Indus Empire

Nomadic Aryans invaded India ca. 1500 BC destroying the Indus valley civilization and exterminating the Indus inhabitants. Thus ended the most brilliant civilization of the ancient world. Subsequent to this invasion, India was plunged into 2000 years of the Vedic Dark Ages. When cities were built again, it was under Scytho-Greek influence. The ziggurat of the Indus disappeared forever.

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Analysis: Why attack Lahore?

questBy Syed Shoaib Hasan

Courtesy: BBC News, Islamabad

Lahore – Pakistan’s cultural capital – has faced its share of militant attacks, but it has not had to put up with the kind of sustained campaign it now appears to be facing.

Wednesday’s suicide bombing of the police emergency response headquarters on a heavily guarded section of Lahore’s Mall road underlines the fact that the cultural heart of Pakistan is a city under siege. It is a clear statement from the militants seen to be under siege in Swat and elsewhere – they are alive and can strike back.

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Sindhis are expressing concerns over mass migration to Sindh but are not against any particular ethnic group

Khalid Hashmani
Khalid Hashmani

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

The developments after 1947 partition have put Sindhis in such a precarious situation that with each change, we further get squeezed between the expanding rick and the hard place!

One thing does appear clear that MQM is definitely manipulating the situation to put Pakhtuns and Sindhis into a direct conflict. Any serious conflict between Sindhis and Pashtuns would only benefit MQM and yet we must express concerns on any mass migration from any other country or province. Failure to do so would mean that we are OK with a situation where we loose out the population advantage in our own province. The prudent way would be to make it clear that our concern against any mass migrations to Sindh are not against any particular ethnic group but rather we are against a situation that dilutes our majority.

The so-called secret agencies are the root of the problem

by Omar Ali, USA

.. The so-called secret agencies are the root of the problem. The Jihadis are just cannon fodder, used to get even more money from America, threaten India, dominate Afghanistan and (most important) maintain the army’s monopoly of power .. (because in the presence of these “militants”, no one else can possibly govern unless the army stands with them). The average jihadi foot soldier probably thinks he is fighting for Allah, having no idea that he is fighting for GHQ and will be killed when he is worth more dead than alive..

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aliakbardhakan(A Weekly column of Jawed Choudry Published in the Daily Jung, Dated: 15-06-99)

Translated By Dr Ali Akbar M. Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

This is story of those days when Bangladesh was called as East Pakistan. A bengali Federal Government servant, Mr. Noor-ul-islam was sent to America for higher studies on Government Expenditure. He was an intelligent officer. He was graced by God with both qualities of intelligence and hardworking. Being an intelligent, hardworking, and efficient, Noo-ul-islam was highly regarded in the whole American University.

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Harachandrai – Father of modern Karachi

Father of modern Karachi

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Tuesday, 26 May, 2009


BORN in an affluent Hindu business family, Advocate Harachandrai (1862-1928), the pioneer of modern Karachi, was a paragon of virtue. He was honorary secretary of the Karachi Bar Association from its very inception in 1880 till his death in 1928. It is also a matter of historical significance that the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, was his pupil.

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Books on Yoga in Sindhi

HYDERABAD: Book on Yoga launched

Bureau Report

Courtesy: Daily Dawn

HYDERABAD, Oct 13: The first ever Sindhi language book on Yoga in post-partition Sindh, titled as ‘Yoga Assan and Paranayam’ was launched at the Mumtaz Mirza auditorium, Sindh Museum, here on Sunday. The launching ceremony of the book, written by Khempal Sharma, was performed by human rights activist comrade Rochi Ram.

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Ecuador: Firmly Left

By John Cherian

Courtesy: Frontline,  Rodrigo Buendia/AFP

Rafael Correa’s emphatic victory makes him the first Ecuadorian President since 1972 to win a re-election.

THE leftward swing in Latin America is being further consolidated. The avowedly socialist President Rafael Correa of Ecuador again won an emphatic victory at the polls in the last week of April. The other Latin American countries to have elected leftist governments are El Salvador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil. It is the first time in many decades that a President has been re-elected for a second consecutive term in office in Ecuador.

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Changing course

manzoorejzWASHINGTON DIARY: Changing course

by Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA

Courtesy:, May 26th, 2009

Foreign pressure may have played some role in getting the government and the military to confront the Taliban, but it was the Taliban’s own actions that triggered the operations. Every day, I run into people who were all committed to Islamisation and indirectly support the Taliban by putting the entire blame on the United States. In a dramatic turn, they now blame the military for taking so long to fight back against the Taliban! For the first time, a group hastily organised a rally demanding strict action against the Taliban in front of the hotel where President Asif Zardari was staying in Washington during his US visit. Two main Urdu weekly newspapers, the Pakistan Post and the Urdu Times, have announced a major convention to be held in New York against Taliban terrorism.

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MQM is trying to shift a Muhajir-Pashtoon wedge to Sindhis

by Iqbal Tareen, Washington

Let me join Khalid Hashmani in applauding Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM) for its gallant and timely historic protest. I must also commend the conference called by AT, which raised very important issues. I was very happy to see the the religious right totally absent from this event. Here is a very sincere and candid advice for Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSMQ) and others. MQM is trying to shift a Muhajir-Pashtoon wedge to Sindhis. It is incumbent upon JSQM and other Sindh Rights movements in Sindh and overseas to make a clear distinction that Sindh was never and can never be against the nation of Ghafar Khan who had eternal ties with Sindh and her national leaders. Sindhis are all for the right of self-governance of Pakhtoonkhwa. We just don’t want our nation to be subjected to ethnic re-engineering and reduced to insignificant minority. JSQM should show its guts to expose an ethnic organization of Karachi and its betrayal in painting Sindhis as Pashtoon haters.

THIS IS VERY CRITICAL FOR SINDHIS GOING FORWARD… We are against Taliban not Pashtoons. Taliban come in all races, nationalities, sizes, and ethnicities. Many of today’s Taliban are successors of Jamaat’s para-militay forces Al-Badr and Al-Shams who were forward blocks of the West Pakistan army in East Pakistan.

Remember my friends, Pashtoons and other ethnic minorities in Karachi are vital deterrent to MQM’s runaway absolute power. Do not lose this goodwill. Make it clear we are not against them and other ethnic groups but against agencies’ cheap tactics to set Sindhis and Pashtoons against each other by shoving mass migration into our homeland.

May 27, 2009

India’s first Airborne Warning & Control System (AWACS) arrived from Israel

India’s first Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) arrived from Israel, significantly boosting India’s capability to detect missiles and fighters deep inside enemy territory. AWACS, an IL-76 transport aircraft with unusually powerful engines and fitted with an array of Israeli radar and surveilance systems. Israel had to cancel a Chinese order for the same Phalcon AWACS system, one of the most powerful snooping systems in the world, under US pressure a few years ago. AWACS will altogether “alter the dimension of the see-through capability and tethered electromagnetic sensors. The AWACS is mounted with radar that can detect missiles and aircraft in a few hundred kilometers radius. Simultaneously it can also collate surface information about troop movements and missile launches, while listening to communications between enemy frontline units. As the AWACS entered the Indian airspace, a formation of three Mig-29 and three Jaguar aircraft received the aircraft mid-air and escorted it to the Jamanagar airbase. The commanding officer of the first AWACS squadron group, captain B Saju, was quoted as saying, “It was a great feeling to be escorted by our fighters and it feels really good to be back.

Sindhis in Pak army

By: Khalid Hashmani

Mr. Azhar Ali Shah has extracted some interesting information about 14 Army chiefs of Pakistan (of course none of them was Sindhi) from Wikipedia. He has asked the knowledgeable persons to comment on the authenticity of the information since any one can add information to Wikipedia. He interestingly notes that except for one Army Chief, all other 13 chiefs superseded their seniors, denied the orders of head of state, seized the power though coup ….

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, 26 May 2009


World Sindhi Congress is deeply concerned at the grave historical threat posed to Sindhi people

London: Press release – World Sindhi Congress WSC is deeply concerned at the grave historical threat posed to Sindhi people resulting from migration of a large number of people to Sindh resulting from ongoing conflict in Malakanad region of Pakhtunkhuwa. Although, WSC sympathises with the displaced people, however, we see this as a deliberately created crisis and a .. design .. as a move to seriously hurt the long-term historical rights of Sindhi people. If these people have to be settled in camps until the conflict is resolved then why to settle them 1400km away. WSC believes that most appropriate, cost-effective and politically least challenging way will be to settle them in their own land. Their settlement in Sindh will have serious concerns and consequences particularly in the backdrop of the fact that Sindh is already an area with one of the highest immigrant population proportion in the world.

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India’s 2009 general election: Lessons for the left

By Dipankar Bhattacharya, general secretary, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation

Courtesy: Links International Journal

May 24, 2009 — The results of 2009 elections for the Lok Sabha elections (India’s lower house of parliament) can be described as a string of surprises, not only for many well-entrenched parties and seasoned politicians but also for a host of commonsense notions about contemporary Indian political reality. Of late, it has become customary to look at elections in India through the prism of coalition politics, caste equations and regional diversities. Verdict 2009 has given a serious jolt to this facile view and reasserted the underlying structural dynamics of Indian politics.

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By DR ALI AKBAR M. DHAKAN, Karachi, Sindh

THIS is with reference to the news report, ‘50,000 IDPs arrive in Hyderabad: survey’ (May 21), wherein it has been reported that civil society and workers of various organisations have voiced concern over the adversarial impact on Sindh on account of influx of the internally displaced persons (IDPs).

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