Kargil Was Musharraf’s Baby

Islamabad: Had Gen. Pervez Musharraf not been appointed Pakistan’s  army chief, the 1999 Kargil conflict wouldn’t have happened, former foreign minister Gohar Ayub Khan says in a new book. “There is no doubt that had there been some other army chief appointed, there would have been no Kargil and Nawaz Sharif would have continued to be the PM,” Khan writes in “Testing Times as Foreign Minister”.

Scientists claim to have found language of ancient Indus civilisation

sindhicivilizationIf true, deciphering the words may unlock the secrets of one of the most mysterious civilisations known
– Ian Sample, science correspondent
Courtesy: Guardian.co. uk, Thursday 23 April 2009
Example of the 4,500-year-old Indus script on a tablet.
Elaborate symbols drawn on to amulets and tablets by an ancient civilisation belong to an unknown language, according to a new analysis by researchers.

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What is the difference between a suicide bomber and a suicidal government?

April 24th, 2009
By B. R. Gowani
Courtesy: Globeistan
A suicide bomber is a person who thinks, or has been indoctrinated to think, that he (mostly it is men) has a higher goal to accomplish and so he does not care for his own life and, of course, for other lives. And when he embarks on a mission he destroys a particular target (place, people, or thing) and in the process gets killed.

On the other hand, a suicidal government is a body of people corrupted by the system who think only of embellishing their and their near ones’ lives and riches. And when it embarks on this mission it destroys the whole country. Unlike the suicide bombers, the leaders do not get killed-they flee to other countries.

Pakistani leaders are on one such fatal mission. Those from the elite class (the politicians, bureaucrats, defense personnel, business people, and others) who haven’t yet been influenced by the Taleban-Islam must have a plan to head off to England, the US, and the UAE.

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What is happening in Pakistan?

By: Omar Ali
I recently went on a road trip across the North-Eastern United States and at every stop, the Pakistanis I met were talking about the situation in Pakistan. As is usually the case, everyone seemed to have their own pet theory, but for a change ALL theories shared at least two characteristics: they were all pessimistic in the short term and none of them believed the “official version” of events. Since there seems to be no consensus about the matter, a friend suggested that I should summarize the main theories I heard and circulate that document, asking for comments.. So here, in no particular order, are the different theories.

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Reflections on life and works of M.H. Panhwar

(On his second anniversary being observed in Hyderabad)
(M.H.Panwhar 1925-2009)
Mohammad Hussain Panwhar (known as M.H. Panwhar) was born in 1925 in small village of Dadu district. He died two years ago in April 2007. By profession he was a Mechanical engineer but beside his job he had a deep interest in history of Sindh, its people, climate, archeology, agriculture, irrigation, water and anthropology. He is remembered for his outstanding and unmatching contribution in areas which were hardly explored prior to him.

Late Panhwar saheb was a very hard working men, despite retiring at age of 60, he did not stop working, he established small office in his residence in Clifton, hired staff and continued to research work. His innovative work in agriculture remains unmatched, the works that he and his wife jointly produced I doubt even a agricultural university produced.

A man who loved and lived with books, in his personal library he had 63,000 thousand books, which he during his life had donated to ‘M.H. Panhwar Trust’ that he along with his Scientist wife Farzana Panhwar established. Both donated their libraries, assets and agricultural form to the Trust. It is heartening to see his family now furthering his life’s dreams and planning to establish a ‘M.H. Panhwar Research Chair’ at University of Sindh, at Jamshoro, to be inaugurated soon.

Though government of Pakistan awarded him SITARA- E-IMTIAZ by the PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN, in 1992 for outstanding work in ENGINEERING and AGRICULTURE but we as people are indebted, the right way to pay tribute him is to further the uncompleted works that he left. To promote research in agriculture, history and archeology, I recall his address at Seminar on ‘Exploring Fort of Rani Kot’ where he complained that technological tools could be hire and used to establish the origin of this fort, which has not been done yet, thus research papers and material regarding fort of Rani Kot heavily relies on speculation. Arbab Rahim’s previous government probably did that a good work by organizing a seminar on Rani Kot at the spot, but since then what has been done in follow up, hardly anyone knows. Cultural department can take up the research and realize the dream of late M.H. Panwhar.

Late Panwhar’s autobiography, which is to be inaugurated on his second anniversary, is a beautiful addition in Sindhi literature and greatly contributes in analyzing social history of Sindh during British period from a progressive and scientific perspective. He was interested in everything which was concerned with human beings. In his writings he has rejected religious bigotry, promoted reason based understanding of complex human relationships. He writes in his autobiography that “he hated those people who treated women with meanness” he was against all forms of exploitation.

In modern history of Sindh when reawakening movement started in pre-partition period M.H. Panhwar sahb searched for historical identify of Sindh, after receiving a degree in Anthropology in 1950s he collected source material on history of Sindh, and later in 1970s published a book in two volumes. He emerged as a Sindhologist and played active role in strengthening scope and role of Institute of Sindhology, established in Jamshoro.

Panhwar saheb, no doubt, continues to be source of knowledge and inspiration to new generation, we believe establishing a Research Chair, dedicated to his work, would prove to be an unusual seat of learning and research.

Taliban Advance: Is Pakistan Nearing Collapse?

April 23rd, 2009
The move by Taliban-backed militants into the Buner district of northwestern Pakistan, closer than ever to Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad, have prompted concerns both within the country and abroad that the nuclear-armed nation of 165 million is on the verge of inexorable collapse.

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Columnist’s opinion

By Selig S. Harrison
Courtesy: USATODAY
Unless the Obama administration can get Pakistan’s army to stop supporting the Taliban with weapons and logistical support, the insurgency will continue to threaten the U.S.-supported Kabul government – no matter how many more troops the U.S. sends to Afghanistan.

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Children of Sindh Out of Schools

children-of-sindh-out-of-schools5 Mln Children of Sindh Out of Schools
Thursday, April 23, 2009
Courtesy: Pakistan News
ISLAMABAD: Some 7700 government schools are closed in the province, and 12,138 schools don’t have a roof. This means roughly five million children are not going to school even though school staff and teachers are being paid their salaries.

Tharparkar is the district left most behind – 1,555 schools are closed there. Landlords have taken over some schools as their personal gathering space. In Badin, 1,149 schools are closed and in Karachi only 84 schools are closed in the city.

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Failure of Global Muslims

April 21, 2009
Failure of Global Muslim Communities
by Sadia Dehlvi
Courtesy: Globe Online
‘The Inability to Present Islam as a Peaceful Religion is a Collective Failure of Global Muslim Communities… Let Us Become Louder Than the Radical [Islamist] Voices That Claim to Represent Us”.

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Taliban are inching closer to Islamabad- if violence spreads, should Islamabad fall??

talibanTaliban extend hold, advance near Pakistan capital
By ZARAR KHAN, Associated Press Writer
Courtesy: Yahoo News
ISLAMABAD – Taliban militants have extended their grip in northwestern Pakistan, pushing out from a valley where the government has agreed to impose Islamic law and patrolling villages as close as 60 miles from the capital.

Police and officials appear to have fled as armed militants also broadcast radio sermons and spread fear in Buner district, just 60 miles from Islamabad, officials and witnesses said Wednesday.

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Manzur Ejaz…: Taliban to the rescue? (Daily Times)

manzoorejzWASHINGTON DIARY: Taliban to the rescue
Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA
April 21st, 2009
Courtesy: Daily Times
The writer can be reached at manzurejaz@yahoo.com
The foreign powers obsessed with extremism and jihadi violence in Pakistan have little insight into Pakistan’s real issues. They can throw a few billion dollars to prop up the state but money will only go so far: Pakistan will remain mired in lawlessness unless structural reforms are undertaken.

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Obama’s view on N-weapons

By Haider Nizamani, Canada
Wednesday, 22 Apr, 2009
Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Karachi
The writer teaches at the School for International Studies, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, and he can be reached at hnizamani@hotmail.com
PRESIDENT Obama departed from a long-held US view on nuclear weapons in a speech delivered in Prague on April 6. Instead of treating nuclear weapons as essential for US national interest, he lent his support to the idea of complete global disarmament.

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A single could be both mother & father to a child- University of Alberta

Will advances in stem-cell research mean the birth of the biological single parent?

BY ANNE McILROY, Science reporter

The latest advances in stem-cell research mean someone could some day become a biological single parent, the source of both the egg and the sperm needed to make a baby.

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The Proxy War


The writer can be reached at kmkolachi@yahoo.com

Khalistan was an issue a few years ago but it is not any more. When the lobbies behind it withdrew the support, it came to an end. Similarly MMA suddenly became a political force but in a few years, it also disappeared. Issues are created whenever needed and kept alive until required.
Talibization is also an issue created by powerful lobbies of establishment to gain control of Afghanistan after Soviet unions defeat. Now it is being used as resistance against American advancement and influence. It will remain active till it is required. Due to Talibization, U.S.A. is giving money to the establishment of this country.

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Shah Abdul Latif of Sindh

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai (1689-1752) (Sindhi: شاھ عبدالطيف ڀٽائيِ) was a Sufi scholar and is considered one of the greatest poets of the Sindhi language.

Where there is no heaven and no trace of earth,
Where the moon and the sun don’t rise, nor descend,
That far the yogis have set their destination
they shall perceive the Lord in Nothingness.
(Shah Abdul Latif)

Poetry From The Streets Of Toronto

BY: R.RAHI, Toronto, Canada
It’s fun no more
Witnessing our leaders
How shamelessly
Under the threat of their lives
They keep lowering their pants.

I have tried and failed
But there is still a hope
A gallant human soldier is
Gonna rise and help our
Leaders to hold tight on their belts

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Sindhi Film “Vaisara Ee Gum وائيسر ئي گم” being released in Mumbai

Sindhi Film “Vaisara Ee Gum وائيسر ئي گم” being released in Mumbai on 24th April 2009
An out and out comedy film “Vaeesara Ee Gum وائيسر ئي گم” after running successfully in Nagpur, Raipur, Ulhasnagar is being released in Mumbai on 24th April 2009. The schedule of the shows is as follows-
1. Fame Raghuleela ,Vashe, daily one show 9.30 p.m. 2.Fame (Andheri) daily one show 9.30 p.m.
The film is written by Kishor Lalwani and Directed by Mohand Sachdev. It is being distributed by Shringar films limited of Mumbai. The details of the film can bee seen on – www.sindhifilm.com

Real Test

Real Test: Supreme Court, High courts non-Shariah institutions: Maulana Sufi Mohammad
by Iqbal Tareen, USA
The writer can be reached at iqbal.tareen@gmail.com
Here is a real test of everyone on the left, right, center, in the government, in opposition, in judiciary, members of civil society, men in black, human rights advocates, and Pakistani Diaspora. Either you are against this kind of madness or you are part of it. There is no high road to heaven.
Very soon all those who are undecided or they are on the periphery of this issue will be forced into retirements. When the battle between Millat and Umma heats up the lines will be drawn in the sand. We just can’t stick to our wish lists. These guys are forcing people of Pakistan to choose between Pakistan zinda abad and Islam zinda abad.

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Lord Mahavir and Jain Religion

Lord Mahavir’s (maahaa= vaddo, vir= viiru) birthday
Complied by Pravin K. Shah of Jain Study Center of North Carolina, USA
Lord Mahavir was the twenty-fourth and the last Tirthankara of the Jain religion. According to Jain philosophy, all Tirthankaras were born as human beings but they have attained a state of perfection or enlightenment through meditation and self realization. They are the Gods of Jains. Tirthankaras are also known as Arihants or Jinas.

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“Taliban” a threat to sufi society

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
I agree with the  observations and inferences about so called inability of security forces to defeat few thousand Taliban. Indeed, the rulers of Pakistan think that this game lets them secure much-needed “big bugs”. However, the menace of “Taliban” and its threat to sufi Islam in the long run cannot be under-estimated.

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Three Cups of Tea

Talibanization is not a mere threat. It is a clear and present danger that has already hit our cities and villages alike.
by Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX, USA

The writer can be reached at mamahar@hotmail.com
I was reading a book, “Three Cups of Tea”, which is based on the true story of a mountaineer who got lost in the wilderness of Himalayas in the early 1990s and ended up being in a small village named Khorpe – the last Pakistani settlement at the feet of the mighty mountain range . I am not going to repeat the whole biographic account of Greg Mortenson, the mountaineer, here. However, it was at that time that he saw the scourge of Talibanization worming its way into the Pakistani society. If a complete stranger could see it coming, and predicting the outcome, was it merely an intelligence failure that Pakistani security agencies could not see Taliban building a strong foothold in the country?
Drive from Karachi to Rohri on any given day and you will see busloads of Afghanis with turbans and beards, and who knows what in their luggage, driving into Sindhi cities. Go to Sohrab Goth area and you would think you were in Kabul. Sometime back, a Pukhtun (an Afghan refugee, and, who knows, a Taliban?) even tried to grab a previous piece of land on the Gorakh Hill!
Also, please read Dr. Manzur Ijaz’s column to see how these Taliban are making inroad to even the far flung areas of Thar.
I would be blind if I could not see Taliban’s intentions of taking over Sindh, and the rest of the country, authorities permitting.

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State Bank of Pakistan’s Dada Pota policy announcement

By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh
On 20th April 2009, a quarterly monetary policy was announced in a press conference by the Governor SBP sitting at his both sides Advisers looking like his grandsons in age emerging as a Dada Pota policy announcement.The main factor from their presentation was that Governor himself and his two advisers were non central bankers and outsiders, the adviser with a beard joined SBP direct but some how he has worked a lot being a central banker and a local man since about 15 years to whom no chance was given to explain any complexive point before the audience.The Governor looked over-aged about more than seventy years old and also physically so weak, even his throat did not allow him to read the written statement in clear, vocal and clean voice. How, has he been appointed as Governor State Bank of Paksitan for which according to amended SBP 1956 act, the age limit has been prescribed as 65 years.

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“The People of Kashmir are the Masters of their own Destiny”: G. M. Mir

Washington, D.C. April 19, 2009. “The people of Kashmir are the masters of their destiny, ” said Mr. Ghulam Mohammad Mir, former President of Jammu Kashmir Plebiscite Front at a reception given in his honor by the Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center, Washington, D.C.

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Sindhiyat is under attack

by Nazia Junejo, Salt lake city, USA
The writer can be reached at najunejo@yahoo.com
I do not think this could be regarded as a warning sign any more. It seems like the dreaded is already here. Our Sindhiyat was already under attack from MQM, feudals and the government (regardless of the rulers), now this new monster seems determined to engulf whatever pieces of culture and civilization we are left with. The rule of the world is to move forward ie time and tide wait for no one. The nations which got independence with us like China or India have been advancing steadily to the extent of becoming leading economies of the world. Where are we and why? Unfortuantely our nation being in the grip of so called Maulvis in one form or the other have been persistent in slowing us down. Now the recent wave of Talibanization seems to drive us even backwards to the pre historic era. I agree ,as any reasonable woman/man would. It has nothing to do with Islam or Shariah. It has to do with gaining a dangerous coercive power to satisfy murderous and barbaric instincts of a bunch of illiterate losers. We can no longer afford to sit as silent spectators in the hope of a miracle.We can also not afford to let a revolution arise from inside Sindh. The people there, as I take it are too pre occupied with efforts to combat daily life disruptions with power failures, mobile phone snatching, broken roads, corruptions in every field…. They are already overwhelmed and hence unable to deal with this new crisis-like situation. Some of them may not even see it as a crisis.  I am sure SANA could at least spread awareness regarding this impending disaster. It is ironic that the so called bill to surrender the population of Swat to the mercy of bunch of lunatics was not opposed by one sensible individual in the parliament.I am actually grateful to those Maulvis for not asking for the entire country YET. Unless they revoke the ‘peace deal’and bring the area under a humane law,this infiltration of maulvis must be stopped. One way to do it might be to declare tribal areas including Swat as an independent state with strict visa rules. After all, an organ with cancer sometimes has to be removed to save the entire body.

I have different opinion on the Talibanization of Sindh

I have different view point on the matter
by K.M.KOLACHI, Toronto, Canada
Present issue of Talibization has been raised by a ethnic group as defensive move to retain control on the area. They see danger to Sindh on the migration of pashtuns but they cover the illegal immigration from India till to date. They also used their influence to get the Bengali population in Karachi regularized.

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Taliban influence in bureaucracy

By A. Ameer
Saturday, 18 Apr, 2009
Courtesy: daily Dawn
THE growing threat of violent extremism in different parts of Pakistan including Fata and Malakand Division is a matter of serious concern.

The harrowing factor is that the writ of the Taliban is solidifying both in the north and the south not only in the Pashtun belt but also in the heartland of Pakistan.

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