Ordeal of Pashtun in lower Pashtunkhwa

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai, Peshawar
The writer is a Chairman of Pashtun Democratic Council and he can be reached at musazai1975@yahoo.com
Peshawar: There are reports that Taliban militants have shaved four young men for listening to music in Buner, An area of Yousafzai Pashtun adjacent with the restive Swat of Pashtunkhwa. When secular ANP signed a peace treaty with the Sufi Muhammad of TNSM , which is mass front of Taliban militants and Sufi himself is the father in law of the Chief of militants in Swat Fazlullah and he had taken more than 10000 men to Afghanistan to fight against the international community there who had come to wipe up the militants Taliban from there after the America was targeted in 2001. Most of his men were either slaughtered or perished on the way but interestingly Sufi and his few clever colleagues found the way out and appeared in Kurram Agency from where they were taken to Dera Ismail Khan and he remained their for few years waiting that Pashtun would soon forget their sentimental kins and kiths butchered by the said man. When he was needed by the establishment in 2008 then he was released and a new role was assigned to him to add to problems of the innocent Pashtun. Now once again Pashtun in Malakand division are suffered due to this man but sorry to say that this time secular ANP joined hands with him for unknown reasons.

Here are few simple questions in my mind and many like me will have the same in their minds if probed. Why International community is silent over the atrocities perpetrated on innocent pashtun by both military and militants alike? What were the factors that international community perched in Afghanistan? Who were the rulers by the tome when international community stepped in Afghanistan? What were the situations at that time? What was the condition when the Taliban were rulers in Kabul? What were the conditions of women by the time? The answer is simple and almost all know it well. Hands are chopped off, innocent people are beheaded. Women especially girls less than 17-years are flogged in open by the terrorists. The punishment is given by male and spectators are all men. Punishment is given when an innocent girl says no , when a terrorist asks for her hand. Punjabi politicians are silent while their Pashtun partners have brought this menace on their heads. Who will ask for the honor of a pashtun girl. Punjabis raise hue and cry over the drone attacks but forget that they have made Arabs and other militants as guests without the consent of Pashtun. Pashtun nation has been made as a hostage today. One who dares to talk on behalf of the Pashtun people, and then he is dubbed as traitor and spy working for Americans in Afghanistan. Who do this heinous crime? Definitely we all know. Those who take dollars can not have courage to come directly against the Americans and they prepare other to come in front while the real people are standing behind. Those who know that very soon Afghanistan is going to be on track of prosperity and development and will be a modern democratic state in the entire Asia , can not bear to see this. They are bent upon to eliminate those whom they consider as a hurdle in their sinister play. They understand that 21st is the century of unification of nations and they want to abolish it from the mind of Pashtun/Afghan.

But this is not possible for them to finish the movement by killing and assassinating the Political and influential Pashtun.

We expect the dawn very soon which will bring the light, prosperity and development as we know that days of the darkness are numbered and atrocities will have to go for ever.
Written by
Zar Ali Khan Musazai
Pashtun Democratic Council


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