Balochistan Unrest- What Sindhi Press says: Daily Ibrat

missing-nawazSelected and translated by Sohail Sangi
Sohail Sangi is a senior journalist of Sindh and can be reached at
ADVISER to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik has claimed India and Afghanistan are involved in fomenting the unrest in Balochistan. This has added fuel to the fire. If the Balochistan issue was meant to be solved in this manner, there was no need to offer apologies and make promises to address the grievances of the people and recompense them for excesses of the past.

Is there any difference between the interior minister of the Musharraf government and Mr Rehman? According to him the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) was set up by Russia and now India and Afghanistan are running it.
Every government has dealt with the Balochistan issue in almost the same manner. Apart from the BLA, is there Indian and Afghan involvement in whatever is happening in Balochistan

Is Mr Malik really sure about what he’s saying? This is a new way of denouncing the Baloch as unpatriotic. If the recently killed Baloch leaders belonged to terrorist groups, then are Baloch leaders in the right for blaming the agencies?
Why can the interior ministry not think on the same lines for Sufi Mohammad and the Taliban? And what would Mr Malik say about groups operating in the country like the Taliban? Perhaps it would be painful for many if Sufi Mohammad, Baitullah Mehsud and Maulana Fazlur Rahman are termed traitors.
The Taliban were created in a matter of a few years and have declared that the Supreme Court and democracy are unIslamic. In other words, they have committed treason. Why is silence being maintained for Sufi Mohammad and his companions?
The Balochistan issue, on the other hand, has been unre solved…. Military operations and displacement of people have been commonplace. How will all this be accounted for?
The prime minister is becoming irrelevant as his statements carry no weight. In fact the government’s thinking is in line with Mr Malik’s. The fact is that the Balochistan issue exists. Even if there is foreign involvement, has the federation not committed excesses in Balochistan? Balochistan wants the implementation of the 1940 resolution in its true letter and spirit.
This demand should be met. Would it not have been wiser, if the government had not handled this issue through Mr Malik and found some political solution to the problem?
It is strange that the rulers have found odd ways to try and strengthen the country. Those who demand rights are being crushed and bombarded, while deals are signed with those who declare the entire country un Islamic.
The BLA does not represent the entire population of Balochistan. Whatever anger and hatred prevail in Balochistan has not been created by Brahamdagh Bugti ….
The two major political par ties – the PPP and PML-N – should review the situation and handle this issue in a responsible manner. If this attitude continues, it won’t take much time before Balochistan is pushed out of the federation. – (April 24) ¦
– Selected and translated by Sohail Sangi

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