Join Washington DC Pakistanis to pass resolution for action against Taliban

usaby Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
The Pakistani community of Washington DC is holding a meeting on Sunday 3, 2009 to pass a resolution (see draft resolution below) demanding action against Taliban and restoration of constitutional law in all regions of Pakistan. The resolution also urges the US government to reconsider its current policy of drone attacks that has resulted in loss of many innocent lives. I urge all Pakistani Sindhis to initiate similar meetings in their cities and towns and pass similar resolutions.
I am also urging the authors of the proposed resolution to include a paragraphs to urge safeguarding the political, economic, and cultural rights of people of all provinces of Pakistan is a vital component of the fundamental constitution of Pakistan enshrined in the 1940 Resolution and the Government of Pakistan and political parties of Pakistan to come together to immediately stop  military action in Balochistan, amend constitution to restore complete provincial autonomy, and abolish the concurrent list. condemning the military action in Balochistan and demand full provincial autonomy according to the 1940 Lahore Resolution.
It is hoped that the ensuring solidarity of all Pakistanis will encourage Government to fight for the rule in FATA , Swat, and other areas of countries, where Taliban are flouting Pakistani laws.

When: Sunday, May 3, 3009 from 5 PM to 7 PM
Where: County Executive Office Cafeteria
Address: 101 Monroe St., Rockville, MD 20850
We are holding a meeting where Pakistani Americans can come together to draft a resolution urging the various political parties of Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan to take a firm stand against the Tahreek-e-Nifaz- e-Shariah- e-Mohammad (TNSM) movement before their leaders spread their ideology to the rest of Pakistan. In addition, to seek your help and support to issue a press release to educate our American government on the devastating effects of the drone attacks and the negative impact they are having in encouraging ordinary Pakistani citizens to join this extremist movement.

Listening to politicians and media analysts, we know that there are many complex causes, players, and theories that lurk behind the Taliban threat in Pakistan. For how long, and at what price, can we stay quiet and watch a country that means so much to us be taken over by extremists in the name of a peaceful religion? Who are these people who can kill our Muslim brothers and sisters in the act of prayer in a mosque? Who are these people who prevent relatives from burying their dead loved ones for days? It is incumbent upon us as the sons and daughters of Pakistan to speak up for those still living in our country of origin.

Please join us on May 3rd at 5 pm in the County Executive Office’s Cafeteria (at 101 Monroe Street, Rockville, MD 20850) to pass a resolution urging all political parties in Pakistan to come together and take immediate steps to restore the writ of the government in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Swat and other areas of North-West Frontier Province (NWFP). As Pakistani-Americans , we would like to stress that there can be no democratically elected government where the writ of the Parliament and the Supreme Court does not rule or is not honored.

Please join us to create a strong Pakistani-American response expressing our condemnation of the actions of this radical minority group and strong support of the current democraticConstitut ion of Pakistan as well as our strong condemnation of the drone attacks being carried out by the U.S. Government inside Pakistan.
Dr. Aquilur Rahman, Dr. Unab Gul Bokhari, Dr. Amjad Riar, Dr. Imtiaz Noor, Dr. Jamshed Uppal, Dr. Parvez Uppal, Irfan Malik, Nayab Siddiqui, Mohammad Siddique Minhas, Uzma Qureshi, Akhtar Zubairi, Sabir Rahman, Rashid Makhdoom, Ibadur Rahman and Tufail Ahmad

Draft Resolution:
1) Whereas, a political compromise in which the government abandons the writ of the Parliament and of the Supreme Court to armed militias cannot be termed a peace deal; and

Whereas, the Taliban have not laid down their weapons and have prevented state law enforcement agencies from operating; and

Whereas, safeguarding the life, liberty and property of the people of Pakistan is the responsibility of the Government of Pakistan,

The first part of the resolution will urge all political parties in Pakistan to come together and empower the government to take immediate steps to restore its writ in FATA, Swat and other areas of NWFP using all the means that the country would use to fight off a military attack by an invader.

2) Whereas, the U.S. occupation has lasted for too long at too high a cost to the civilian populations of both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and local opposition to the foreign occupation has increased and is threatening to destabilize the entire region; and

Whereas, the threat of militancy is real and dangerous, but it can be fought most effectively by equipping the local law enforcement agencies to fight the extremists, and not by sending foreign troops,

The second part of the resolution will call on the United States government to draw up a clear plan of an early withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan.

3) Whereas, the CIA run drone attacks in Pakistan are violating the sovereignty of the state of Pakistan, and inflaming public opinion against the United States

The third part of the resolution will call on the United States to rethink the wisdom of its current policy of drone attacks.

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