All Pakistan Kasan/Hari (Muzareen) Convention at Okara, Punjab

All Pakistan Kasan (Muzareen) Convention at Okara 10/4L Punjab , Pakistan .
by Spokes person, Younis Iqbal,
On April 7, 2009 this day unforgettable in the history of Anjuman Muzareen Punjab Movement.

On 9:00am farmers and Muzareen were coming from different forms and near villages by buses, vans, mortar cycles, tractor tralies and on by foot. They were welcomed with dool (drum) and flowers by the District AMP Okara. Almost 10:30 program was started. Women children and all Muzareen and farmers started clapping for their guests and chief guest. Many organizations members were come to join the convention. 15th thousands farmers (Men, women and Children) participated. Farmers came form different units and area of the Country. we are mentioning the name of the units of the AMP Okara 10/4L,9/4L,8/4L,26/4L,11/4L,5/4L,3/4L,4/4L,24/4L,25/4L,18/4L,45/3R,42/2R,6/4L,39/3R and Okara city colonies.Khanewal seed corporation,Deepaolper Army welfare trust,(Preevna Abad,Princena abad,Delban,Boilgung),Sahiwal(Research farm yousaf wala,Iqbal nager),Renalakhurd(Military farm),Jhanhniyabad Cattle farm,Fasilabad, Ayuob Research farm,Millitary farm Surgoda,Seed farm Multan,Millitary farm Multan,All Pakistan Minority Alliance,Traqe Badire(A Movement of Awareness ),Bahoday Khawateen (a movement for Women welfare),Piler Lahore,Sherkat gah Lahore.

Main speakers were Nawab zada Munsour Ahamd (ex, minister for Revnew Punjab),Mina Yawer Zaman Member Province Assembly Punjab, Jan Nasar khalil (president Pakistan Kasan itthad),Eqeela naz Finance Sectary ,Rana Mahmmad Ishaq Khan(Chairman Treeqe Badari Pakistan),Ali Jan Camrad and PTV actor,Dr,Jamil Kasan leader and Member District Council, Main Zafer Ahmad Bodala( Kasan Leader)Mailk Ahall Ditta(Leader of Peasants)Ghani Javeed (Chairman Okara AMP),Talib Hussan Leader AMP,Dr,Chirstopher John Chief executive supreme council,Mahar Ghalam Abas (President Khanewal zone),David Rehamt Sectary Information AMP, Asghar Ali Jat President AMP 10/4L,Nadeem Abas Chief Organizer AMP Okara,Nadeem abas Raza Vice president AMP 3/4L,Faraya Arshad ,Muhmmad Ahamad Sharkat gha,Ch,Arif Chairman AMP, Master Faiz senior vice president AMP,Hameed Gill Vice president AMP and Younis Iqbal Chairman &Quaid e treequ Amjuman Muzareen Punjab,Pakistan.

All speakers spoke in the favor of AMP Movement and also appreciated the sacrifice of the people. The speaker highlighted the women role during the difficult time of AMP. They gave many suggestions for the successes of the Movement. Main Yawer Zaman MPA (PLN) said that he will speak to the Chief Minister for you Ownership land rights.Jan Ansar Khalil said Nawaz shrif, Banazer Bhutto promised to the tenants that they will give ownership rights when they would come in Power.Now they are in Government in Federal and province.

All speakers stressed the both parties to fulfill their promises as soon as possible. Nawab Munsur Ahamd Khan said that he refused the military officers against the tenant’s rights. They threaten him but he didn’t afraid from the action.

At the end of the program some resolutions were passed by the AMP leader ship and people.

1) Ownership land rights should be give to the tenants.

2) AMP Condemn the murder of the three persons in Kalyanlas Estate.

3) Restoration of dismissed Government servants in Military Farm Okara district.

4) Restoration of the tenants who are dismissed from their lands in 26/4L, 8/4L.

5) Seed, water, camicals, Agriculturel instiments should be provide with concession.

6) False cases should be removed against the tenants.

7) Congruation to chief justice Supreme Court and Chief Minister of Punjab .

8) A resoulation was passed in favor of new name of NWFP (Pakhtoon khan).

9) AMP leader ship gave warning to the government that the government of Pakistan should provide the land rights other wise they will call long march.

AMP spokes person

Younis Iqbal

Founder and Chairman

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