Columnist’s opinion

By Selig S. Harrison
Courtesy: USATODAY
Unless the Obama administration can get Pakistan’s army to stop supporting the Taliban with weapons and logistical support, the insurgency will continue to threaten the U.S.-supported Kabul government – no matter how many more troops the U.S. sends to Afghanistan.

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Children of Sindh Out of Schools

children-of-sindh-out-of-schools5 Mln Children of Sindh Out of Schools
Thursday, April 23, 2009
Courtesy: Pakistan News
ISLAMABAD: Some 7700 government schools are closed in the province, and 12,138 schools don’t have a roof. This means roughly five million children are not going to school even though school staff and teachers are being paid their salaries.

Tharparkar is the district left most behind – 1,555 schools are closed there. Landlords have taken over some schools as their personal gathering space. In Badin, 1,149 schools are closed and in Karachi only 84 schools are closed in the city.

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Failure of Global Muslims

April 21, 2009
Failure of Global Muslim Communities
by Sadia Dehlvi
Courtesy: Globe Online
‘The Inability to Present Islam as a Peaceful Religion is a Collective Failure of Global Muslim Communities… Let Us Become Louder Than the Radical [Islamist] Voices That Claim to Represent Us”.

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