The Proxy War


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Khalistan was an issue a few years ago but it is not any more. When the lobbies behind it withdrew the support, it came to an end. Similarly MMA suddenly became a political force but in a few years, it also disappeared. Issues are created whenever needed and kept alive until required.
Talibization is also an issue created by powerful lobbies of establishment to gain control of Afghanistan after Soviet unions defeat. Now it is being used as resistance against American advancement and influence. It will remain active till it is required. Due to Talibization, U.S.A. is giving money to the establishment of this country.

The defeat of the forces in Swat to me is tactical. The security forces are sufficiently strong to face a few thousand Talibans in Swat. It went to take control of Kargil hills and faced one million Indian army. Now it is giving a tough time to NATO/USA forces through its elements and super power has failed many times to gain the control of the strategic area. The intelligence agencies are very organized in the area to keep an eye over any development.
In that situation, I do not believe that the security forces are weaker than Taliban in Swat.

The migration of Pathans has increased due to the lawlessness in that area and growing earning needs. In these days, Sindhis who hardly leave their villages are migrating to cities and are also trying to go to Gulf States in launches/boats illegally.
The present cry by an ethnic group is only for their interests. Why we should help them? In my view, the security forces will also never accept the influence of Talibans in the society .They will push them to the original position when they are not required.

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