I have different opinion on the Talibanization of Sindh

I have different view point on the matter
by K.M.KOLACHI, Toronto, Canada
Present issue of Talibization has been raised by a ethnic group as defensive move to retain control on the area. They see danger to Sindh on the migration of pashtuns but they cover the illegal immigration from India till to date. They also used their influence to get the Bengali population in Karachi regularized.

Have they ever supported our demand to stop the continued illegal immigration from eastern border but they have easily convinced our majority to support their view point on pashtun issue. They very cleverly link it to the Sindh identity to attract us. They also remind us the prediction of Abdul Rahim Garohri that jadah kadah sindhi tokhee kandharoun jokho.

Migration from neibouring area continued since long time unchecked. But no one was threat to our national identity and language. They adopted Sindh as their homeland and their next generations converted as Sindhi .I personally witnessed many Pathan families converted after one generation and are now are part of Sindhi society like us. Regarding their trade and lending money to the local Sindhis it is in vogue since long .When we need some loan or we have to sell our property some one will come to buy may he be sindhi or any one else.

How can we stop the migration of Pathans when country law do not restrict their inter province movement. We are also not in position to stop their entry in Sindh forcibly. In fact powerful ethnic group needs our support to face the challenge from the pathan population and keep them under control.

We Sindhi in general and nationalist in particular after set back in confrontation have started thinking them as our leading partner in the struggle for the rights of sindh and have started practically following them. Moreover policy by the media given to public becomes fashion which every one follows like all provincial languages and cultures are inferior, Bhutto ruined Economy, Zardari is most corrupt person in Pakistan and now Talibization in Sindh. To me it also seems fashion which most of us are following without realizing the actual game behind the scene.

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