The eye witness account of Taliban phenomenon in Sindh

by Saifullah Shaikh, USA

Recently I have seen this so called (Phenomenon of Talibization) while visiting my Khairpur Mirs during the last 3 years–I visit Khairpur every year——What I witnessed was beyond imagination!! Extremists with Green Turbons i.e; PugHree on their heads controlling Buisness of Mosques/Madressas and creating disturbances inside school and colleges particularly Girls’ schools and there were many street Gunfights between Sunni and Shia Groups in Khairpur Mirs during the last few years (Remember that Khairpur means City of Peace) and this is a new change in our Sindh particularly in this city of Peace. Another noticeable thing was that urdu-speakings were resisting these Green Pughree Mullahs and local police and rangers only arrived at scenes when a lot of damage has already been done! This is true that we are still in Denial and few political parties have already raised voice against this spreading cancer of extremism in Sindh except PPP, ANP and Sindhi Nationalists progressive-liberal forces